Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding fun

My sister got married this past weekend in Missouri! It was so beautiful, Kai got to be the ring bearer...he was so proud of his duties, he's still talking about what a good job he did carrying the pillow...and he did! The groom is from New Orleans, so they had a Mardi Gras theme for their reception, it was so fun! They had a live band, Gumbo, and Kai's favorite, the masks! It was a great weekend!

The ring bearer is ready!
The bride and Kai....he was a little hungry (translate: crabby), but we put a few Hershey Kisses in his belly and he was better :)

Almost husband and wife....
The music was a little loud for him, but he eventually got into it!

Mardi Gras fun!Congratulations Chelsea and Sean!! We love you!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Catching up on the Summer of '09

So we had some adventures this summer! First we found out I am pregnant! We have been trying for some time, so we were excited to find out it had finally happened! We don't know what it is yet, but I am due February 7th! It did put a small cramp in my summer, being sick all the time, but it was a quick way to lose those 10 lbs I'd been trying to lose!

We went to my parents house for the 4th of July, it was a lot of fun! We went to Kolob Canyon and saw the "Five fingers"....I just love that part of the country! Us in front of 2 of the fingers.

We were able to go to Powell for the first time this summer! Cameron had been before in his single days, but Kai and I hadn't been before. My uncle has a houseboat and invited the family down! With 25 of us it was a packed boat, but lots of fun! The water is definitely our favorite place to be!

Swimming in the water next to the boat, it was murky, but Kai LOVED swimming "all by his self!"
His favorite part was the jet ski! He loved to be out with dad or I, but no one else could take him.

The tube was not his favorite part, but he held up well!

Cameron catching some air one morning.

Jet ski frisbee. It was so fun to watch! We had the two jet ski's with our drivers and catchers. My uncle would stand on the top deck of the houseboat and throw the soon as he threw it the jet ski could go after it. Harder than it sounds, but it was so fun to watch. This is my cousin Evan diving into the water...but he got it! At one point we were all 25 on the back of the boat watching....didn't think about the engines that were back there.....being flooded.....good times.

Then we went to my bff's house in ID for a couple of weeks. I forgot my camera, but we had a great time! We made quiet books, went shopping and watched chick flicks. It was a great couple weeks!

We were sure glad to get home to dad, we'd been away from home for 1 1/2 was too long! When we got back we went to a dinosaur show at the Pepsi Center. We were at the very top of the stadium and these dinosaurs were huge! The Brontosaurus was 85' tall! They sounded realistic and everything! Kai loved it and still talks about all the dinosaurs we saw! Most of the pictures came out blurry, but here were a couple that did come out.

Enjoying some popcorn before the show :)


And the star of the show...T-Rex! He was pretty realistic!Since we have been home Cameron and Kai have been camping a few times, he loves it and has come back filthy and happy every time! You can't tell how filthy he comes home by the mug shot below, but he's a happy camper, literally!
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up more on the blog and keep everyone up to date on the pregnancy! I'll have some pictures of that in the next couple still blows my mind how much I'm showing at 16 weeks! So fun!