Monday, October 24, 2011

So, remember

when I told you about 5 years ago that I had more pictures of Kennedi?!  Yeah.  I am a slacker and just haven't bothered getting a USB to transfer the pics to my laptop to do a post.  Well, I still haven't done it, but I'm now on the desktop where the pictures are at, and I happen to find myself with an extra few minutes, and I'm bored.  And I think my daughter is cute.  So here's more pictures :)

But this is still my favorite :)

later to come this week....Halloween costumes!!  We're pretty excited around here :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finishing out the week

So for the rest of our anniversary week, it turned out pretty anti-climactic!  Unfortunately life just gets in the way, you know?  Wednesday was Movie Night, I got Beetlejuice...Cameron loves it and it's a fun Halloween movie.  But we got home late from helping his mom with hanging up light fixtures, so not so great.  Then Thursday was his and her massages, then Friday was family picture day!  Probably not so much exciting for Cameron but fun for me!  Saturday was the end of the end, because I thought I was going in for a wisdom teeth removal consultation....turns out more just yank them out.  So here I am, typing this while on Vicodin(sp?).  Fun stuff.  I'm swollen, can't feel my bottom lip down to my chin, and was told this morning that it could take up to 6 weeks to get feeling back.  Yay.  It's freaking me out.  Also to make the weekend as good as it could be, Kennedi woke up Saturday as sick as she has ever been.  Poor girl has croup pretty bad.  But on the plus side I just looked through our family pics and found a few keepers!!  Thanks to Dena for taking them for us!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day Two and other things

So my friend gave me a great idea on what we should do for Day Two of our Anniversary week.  She read on a date your spouse blog that you can make/decorate boxes, and then inside of them put little slips of paper that tell little things your spouse can do for you that would be something nice.  So if I wanted to do something nice for Cameron and wanted to know what he'd like, I go to the box, pull out a slip of paper and read "Cook me steak woman".  I gave that as an example to him... apparently he liked the idea and actually put it in the box.  (Note to self, don't make a stupid joke as an example.)  Our boxes are fun, mine is a wooden box that looks like a book, and the spine is a pull out drawer.  Cameron's is a square that has really cool hardware on all the corners.  Maybe I'll get a picture of them tonight, and maybe not.  Oooh the suspense :)

(this would be the "other things" part of the blog)  Last night I stayed up until almost midnight because just as I'd start to fall asleep Kennedi would start crying for her daddy.  Well since daddy was snoring next to me I figured I was the next best thing, so I'd go in, and she'd reach up for me, I'd hold her and snuggle her for a minute and she'd fall asleep on me.  She did this like 4 times.  What was hilarious though, is the first time I went in there she was crying "daddy, daddy.....bite.....bite".  I'm pretty sure she was dreaming about begging food off of dad.  Which is hilarious.  The girl is a bottomless pit, and her new thing is to come up to us, tap  us and say bite! bite!  So the fact that she was dreaming it totally cracked me up.

In more other things news, school works!!  Last night Cameron, Kai, and I were watching Castle and Cameron and I were working on our boxes.  Well earlier in the day I had had a conversation with a couple friends about (shhhh, like I'm whispering, and I was telling Cameron that we had talked about it.  For some reason he thinks it weird/hilarious that we talk about things like that sometimes.  Well I didn't want to say the word in front of Kai, so I spelled it out and went on talking (not about our sex conversation, other things).  The next thing I know he goes SEX!  Does that spell SEX mom?!  Uh.....sure does kiddo.  Sure does.

haha.  No more spelling in front of Kai!!!  We just had to laugh and congratulate him on how good he was doing with sounding things out!!  It was too funny.

Today I go to the dentist and get 3 cavities filled.  The best part?  They are on BOTH sides of my face.  Yes.  My entire face will be numb.  This will be hilarious for all but me.  But due to my intense and insane fear of the dentist, I felt it best that he get it all done at once, otherwise I wouldn't be sure that I would come back.  (Although I REALLY like our new dentist).    Thank you and goodnight.

That's all.  Bet you can't wait to find out what tonight's Day Three of Anniversary is!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dining Al Fresco

Sunday marks Cameron and I's 7 year anniversary!  Can't believe he's put up with me that long!  Can't believe I've put up with him that long!!  It's been a good, tough, challenging, growing year and I'm excited to get started on number 8!  I decided that to properly celebrate our 7 years together, we would do "Seven Days of Anniversary".  Get it?  Like 12 days of Christmas?  Clever, right?  Yeah.  I'm awesome.  So it started today!

Day One.  Cameron got a note with his stuff in the morning telling him Happy Anniversary Week and to come home hungry for Al Fresco.  I figured he wouldn't know what it meant.  He didn't.  But he looked it up and figured out it meant to "eat outside".  He still didn't know what I had up my sleeve.  Wanna see what I had planned?

This is our "backyard" aka common space behind our row of buildings.  I love it and have always wanted to eat outside here!

So out came the card table, folding chairs, tablecloth and just about anything I could scrounge around my house!  I used pillowcases for the "chair covers"....pretty ghetto, but I was working with what I had!  Cut me some slack :)  I grabbed a vase, mason jar, pumpkin, a candle and some scrap fabric and came up with this for a centerpiece.

Thanks to mother nature turning our leaves I had the perfect thing to fill my vase!  Here's some close-ups, I thought it was so pretty!

I also hung a few mason jars from the tree with some tea lights, it was fun.

Cameron got home, dinner was ready, so we went out back to have some fun!  It was a well received surprise and we had a great time eating outside!  Something all you people with yards take for granted!!!  Enjoy your space!!

Nothing like mom with a camera while you're eating :)

Kai snapped a picture of us.  It IS our anniversary after all!

Kai and Kennedi. 

She wouldn't smile, so he tried...something.  I'll be honest, this is one of those "I was there but have no idea what was going on moments"...

When all else fails, there's always brute force.

And after a big dinner of baked ziti, what else is there to do but run it off?!

We had a great night on Anniversary Week Day 1!  More to come :)