Friday, May 18, 2012

Field Day and other randoms

So Kai had his first field day today!  I didn't take any pictures, I was too busy taking video for dad who couldn't be there.  So someday I'll figure out how to load those on my computer and show you, although I wouldn't hold your breath.  He didn't want to do some events....jump rope and hula hooping are apparently not his cup of tea.  The running and soccer sure were though!  He did great and we had so much fun.  Except Kennedi, who hated all of it.  So that was less than fun for both of us.
Speaking of Kennedi, as I'm typing this she is sitting next to me, smelling her feet.  Which is pretty weird. I'm SURE they do not smell like roses.
Mother's day was awesome!  Kai was so excited for me that it was mother's day...he kept disappearing through the day and would come up with a new surprise!  Chocolate and a gift card to Barnes and Noble were my gifts, here I come!
Kai loves Barbie movies.  It's pretty hysterical.  We had the missionaries over the other night for dinner and when Kai threw a fit because he couldn't watch it and had to wait (true story) the missionaries CRACKED UP.  Seriously.  We need to get this boy into sports FAST.
Cameron got a job!  That should probably have been it's own post, or at least higher up on this list.  Oh well.  He works for Western Medical selling back and knee braces to Medicare patients.  So far it's been pretty good, this is the end of his third week, we'll see if it works out long term.  A few things have to change!  For instance, I'd like him home before 8:30 at night....too much to ask?  Maybe.
Summer is almost here and we are all super excited!  It should mean awesome weather, lots of swimming with friends and hopefully our own new house!  Wish us luck.
See, random, right?  But then, that's me lately.  Pretty random.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Interesting Fact #1

about me.  When I am by myself picking out a movie, I base it on the music that I want to hear.

Weird, huh?

And maybe not that interesting.  Sorry for the misleading title.