Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I cannot WAIT for Oct 16th! What is oct 16th you may ask? Well it's our anniversary! Which is normally nice, and last year Cameron surprised me with a fun getaway up to Frisco and Breckenridge which was awesome...but I was pregnant. So NOT so much fun for that! Well this year Cameron's work is sending him to a conference...but I get to go along! We'll be in Vegas, which I've been to a ton, but we get to go without kids (Thank you mom and dad!!) and staying at Encore Wynn. Here is the link to the pure awesomeness that will be ours for 3 days! And sure Cameron will be in different meetings during the day...but I'll get to be by the pool, so I'm not too brokenhearted! We'll get plenty of play time, and I'll get plenty of pool time SANS kids. Did I mention that?! Well, off to go work out and get in shape!


Did I mention it had a pool?!

And she's off!

Kennedi is now crawling! It's 1/3 army crawl, 1/3 the Worm, and 1/3 crawl. And just as predicted she's into everything! I'm still not used to her being able to get over to me quickly! This is a new adjustment...!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The boys went fishing while they were camping...came back with quite the catch! They were so proud and excited! Kai was in 7th heaven!

Kai's catch. He really did catch these! He was awesome (so I'm told)

Dad's catch (not his only catch, but his biggest!)


Baby Love

So Cameron and Kai were gone camping was QUIET and CLEAN in the house, the windows were open, bright sunshine streaming in. I could smell the fresh air, was being serenaded by Kennedi's soft snores and I was perusing a good friends photography blog. Well I got the urge to shoot some pics of my baby girl, so as soon as she woke up and was fed we had a little photo shoot! Nothing fancy...just her in her messy outfit with a messy face. It was so fun to just have the one on one time with her...she is always cracking me up! Enjoy a few pics of my beautiful babe!

MILK....does a body good

Wha..??? My hair right here...???

Ok, so it's a little ridiculous how much I adore my baby :) Have a good weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

6 months....and a few days...

This is my baby at 6 months and a few days!

(now I know why they call them baby blues!)

She is accomplishing quite a bit in her tiny life! She...

-is 17.6 lbs (75%), 27 1/4 in long (90%)

-sits up by herself

-can almost sit up by herself from laying down to sitting up

-eats like a champ

-has started talking...she says mum mum mum and blah blah blah. Seriously she says blah blah blah and it's hilarious! She mouths along with us whenever we talk and she was "talking" to Kai last night....when he stopped paying attention to her she started yelling at him until he was looking at her again! She has something to say and by golly we're going to hear it!

-is ALMOST crawling! She is up on all fours, rocks back and forth, lifts one knee up...and then gives up and collapses. But it is coming literally any day. Uh oh...guess I better baby proof and fast!

-rocks out to her brother "playing" the piano. That and dad's "beat boxing"....and that's it. Any other music not so much. She will bob her head along whenever they are doing their thing...but that's it.

-LOVES and ADORES her big brother. She looks for him every morning, and no one can make her laugh like he can.

-loves to swing at the park...she is a little adrenaline junkie. Loves to be thrown in the air and "dropped".

-pretty much rules the roost...and unfortunately knows it.

-is a momma's girl...which I have to admit I LOVE! I also know I have to break it soon before I can not get out of the house without her :(

-is the sweetest girl we could have asked for. We are all completely infatuated and in love with her and she completes our lives in a way we didn't know we needed. We LOVE YOU KENNEDI!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun!

We went to the park today to get Kai out of the house. He's been a little under the weather for the past week and dying to get out! We went to the library and then fed the ducks, then played on the playground. A perfect opportunity to take some pics of the kids! Here are a few of my favorites. What a great day!

And of course he had to take a few pictures himself! He took these...

And he took this one as it is...I didn't put it in upside down...he took it upside down!! Who am I to squash his creativity?!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some sort of crazy.....

I must be some sort of crazy! We are signing another year lease on our place (which yes, feels crazy but unfortunately no other options) so I decided I might as well have fun with this place. So I redid my dining room. We hardly ever use it, so I thought if I livened it up a bit we'd want to be in there! Well it's been livened up a bit...and it's pretty fun! My favorite part is the dining room chairs...they turned out better than I had hoped! And just as a disclaimer, I would not do this in a "real" house, but it's so fun and I have nothing to lose in this house! So crazy it is!

Dining chairs. I found them on craigslist for $5 a piece..well a little less because I got all 5 for $22. Then I recovered and repainted them. SO fun.



The dining room before. You can see why we didn't like to be in boring! And we would always have to pull in the huge desk chair when we had anyone over for dinner. Obnoxious.

After: The color is a bit more....vibrant than in the picture, and I'm not quite done yet, still curtains and some sort of art for the big wall. But it is much more "fun". !! I like it :)

So that was my last week! Now on to my craft/computer room! I'm on an organizing and cleaning crusade!