Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apple of our Eye

Okay, a little cheesy, but how else do you describe someone you adore?! Kai is our son, he was born March 7, 2006.....he's going to be a terrible 2 next week! He actually is a terrific kid. Such an even temper most of the time (especially around anyone but mom), helps with all the chores, cleans up after himself...he's great!!

We have no idea where the curly hair comes from. My little sister had curly hair, and Cameron's brother has curly hair, so it's from somewhere. The blue eyes come from dad. He's hilarious and is always cracking us up. We're getting close to potty training, so it's pretty fun/scary. Because I can't pick just one picture to show off my son, here's a bunch of different ones :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Okay, now me! Well I was born 6/1/83, I will be the big 25 this year! Whoo hooo! I am the oldest of 3 kids. I went to LDS Business College, got my degree in Accounting. Started working at a credit union, where I met Cameron's sister, and that's how Cameron and I ended up meeting.

Right now I stay at home with our almost 2 year old son (1 more week!). I also am trying to break into photography. I have done some weddings and engagements, and I really love it. Like I said in my profile I would LOVE to be a photojournalist working for Time Magazine or National Geographic, that's where my true interest lies. I have started scrapbooking and I think I am going to start teaching piano soon. Just trying to keep myself busy. That's pretty much it for me!


So I thought I'd start our blog by telling a little bit about each of us. That way you're not like who the heck is that? Although, anyone seeing this is a friend of ours.....

Anywho. Cameron was born 6/1/77, number 4 of 6 kids. Grew up here in Colorado, in fact, in the very house we are staying at. (We live with his mom while our house is selling in AZ, this Friday, by the way!) He played football all through college and into the professional arena. He works for University of Phoenix as an Enrollment Counselor. He is working on his second Masters, this time around is an MBA (first time was in Secondary Education. He has also taught High School and coached football). He also runs his own business called 212 Sports. Our spring flag football league is coming soon, and we are excited. He ran a basketball league in AZ that did very well, so we are looking forward to continuing (hopefully) success!

We met when he was 26, I was 21. We were best friends for a long time and then I guess the Lord decided it was time for us to realize we were supposed to be together. We are working on our 4th year together!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, I really have no idea what I'm doing, but at least I'm doing it! I thought it would be fun, and didn't want to be left out, since all my friends are doing the blog thing! So, if there's any advice out there, let me know! Hopefully I can figure out how to send this to everyone :)