Monday, October 27, 2008

You know those times...

where you're faced with an embarrassing know it's embarrassing, you should feel embarrassed, but you think it's too hilarious to even feel embarrassed? Then later, you feel embarrassed because you should have been embarrassed but you weren't? Confusing situations. Well, I had one of those this weekend. Lets set the scene.

Scene: Halloween party at friends house. Dinner, friends....LOTS of people, mostly strangers, trying to get acquainted. Lots of little kids running around, everyone eating dinner.


Situation: People standing, sitting, all over, eating the great dinner. All of a sudden a woman is heard saying, "Uh, naked kid running around." In my head I'm laughing, because, poor mother, and thank goodness my kid has never done that. Right? I probably even chuckled out loud, not too worried. Then, I hear someone say, "KAI!". What was that?! I turn around, and sure enough, my 2 1/2 year old son is walking around without pants or diaper, examining a car he had found. Completely oblivious to the 30 random strangers that have now seen his business.

I get up from the table, laughing hysterically, because really, my son has never done this, not even at home. What in the world possessed him to do this at someone's house?! I asked him what happened, where were his pants?, and this is what I got, "Actually mom, downstairs". OH, okay, because that explains EVERYTHING.

So (after I get a diaper on him, because who knows where his other one was, and it's not like he needs to be naked anymore, I think we got that one sufficiently covered), we go downstairs, and sure enough, there are his pants, on the third to bottom stair. Who strips on the stairs anyway? Were they that much of a hindrance that they had to be taken off that moment? So we find the pants, one down one to go, and start looking for the diaper. I finally find it, on the very opposite side of the room. ??? Really Kai? Really?!

So we get the pants back on, dispose of the diaper, the whole time I'm asking for an explanation (while still laughing hysterically btw) and get nothing but, "Actually, downstairs".

Yes son. Downstairs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I always knew...

that one day I would eventually make/sew costumes, whether it be for the school plays, church something or other or Halloween. And it's something I've been half looking forward to, half nervous about. One, looking forward to it, because it seems like a mom thing to do, but nervous, because my skills are not that great. But, I'll attempt it, of course. Little did I know it would be so soon. And not only soon, but for my HUSBAND. Oh yes people, you read that right. My dear husband came home today with the request of him and his team (co-workers) that I make them the seven dwarfs. And yes, there will be 7 of them. So this weekend I get to figure out how to do that, because Halloween is in a few days. Thankfully it should be fairly simple, just tunics and hats, they're on their own for the rest.....but I found it pretty hilarious! I never thought that it would be a wife duty, as well as a mother duty! Oh my hilarious.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cutest niece in the world......

I know everyone thinks THEY have the cutest niece....but simply not true. Look for yourself :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Balloon Fiesta

So this weekend we went to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. We went and stayed with my brother and was SO much fun!!! It was such a great weekend, and we loved seeing them again. Here are a few fun pics of the Fiesta.....

Oh yeah. There ARE no pics of the Fiesta because the weather was such that it was closed all weekend. Whatev, balloon fiesta, whatev! We did get this pic.....but so not what we came for!

So we decided to go to the McCall Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, and try the Fiesta again Saturday night. Well, like I said, no Fiesta, but the pumpkin patch was fun. It was windy and by the time we left, pretty rotten weather, but nonetheless, we had a lot of fun. Here's some of my favorite pictures:

Yes, I did take this picture....and yes, I did do a little photoshop. Who cares, I love it!

My brother and my sister-in-law.....I love this picture! (sorry if you're embarrassed Rach!)

A few of us....this is one of the VERY few we could get with Kai....he was being such a dork!

And if you look closer at that corn field picture......maybe it won't come as such a shock to you as it was to us, that shortly after we left the pumpkin patch...a TORNADO blew threw there. Oh yeah. Literally a tornado through the little town. Luckily reports say there was no damage....but still. When I think that we could have been there with Kai....holy moly.

Anywho, overall, it was a really good time....we'll just have to hit the balloons next year I guess!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bear Creek Lake

So Cameron played hookey on Wednesday from work (he has a buttload of sick time) so we went to Bear Creek Lake and went fishing! Well, Cameron fished, Kai took turns being bored, throwing rocks into the lake (which I'm sure was productive to the fishing), and eating like a banshee, and I read a book. Or tried too, while I wrangled Kai. But all in all, it was a beautiful day, the lake was very peaceful, and I got some fun pictures!

We're fishin' mom!!

I think I got one!

Are we done fishin' mom?

Bear Creek Lake...part of it.