Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Updates!

So I had another appointment today, things are going nicely! I am at 38 weeks but measuring at the full 40, 70% effaced , and on my way! If I haven't had the baby by my next appointment next Wednesday we are setting up an inducement date, they don't want me to go over 40 weeks at all. So it could be any day now!

In other news I am really excited, my dad is coming this weekend! So we are really hoping the kid will make her arrival this weekend so he can be here for that and to help with Kai. So if any of you have any extra prayers and wishes, send them my way!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I had my 36 week appointment today! Whoo hooo! It's such a great countdown, these weekly appointments! And I had a really great appointment, I loved the Dr I met with (they are rotating me through so I can at least meet them in case they are on call when I deliver). So I go in and it turns out that I am not necessarily measuring BIG, but just farther along. They measured me and I'm measuring like I'm 38 weeks instead of 36. But the dr says the baby is measuring around 6 1/2 maybe 7 lbs at the top end, which means if I still go full term she still won't be much bigger than Kai was, at 8lb 13oz. She also said they wouldn't induce me any earlier than 39 weeks anyway, so there's no point at this point in getting an ultrasound. Which was actually really good news because the less I have to pay for the better! So I'm really pleased, she said I'm effaced about 40-50% and dilated to barely a 1. So it's all good news!! I have actually been feeling a little better the past few days, I think Christmas was just a lot and was making me feel worse than I actually do! So the past week of rest has been good for me and I'm doing good! Getting excited about having a little girl....freaking out about having a baby again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I need your help!

So as the new Activities Chair person, I get to (with my committee whom I have yet to meet) plan activities for the next year. SO. What have been your favorite activities and why? What have been your least favorite activities and why? If you are in my ward and reading this, then pipe in to what you'd like to see happen or not happen! I need to have a general plan for this next year by Sunday and I'd like to hear what works/doesn't work for everyone out there! Thanks!!