Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peek

sometimes the stars WILL align....and you can get something like this.

more to come.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Double date

So Monday night we went on a date with my brother and his wife. We went to 16th street mall! It was so fun! It was fun to get dressed up and have a night out and not worry about the kiddos :) We ate at Rock Bottom Brewery....SO good. I highly recommend the mac' n chicken with a cesar salad! It was DELISH.

bubba and his wife (I'm the only one that can call him that. probably because he knows I'd do it anyway:)

me and my hubster

me and Rach

My favorite part were all the pianos sitting around for anyone to play (including shirtless hippies...male shirtless hippies, that is). I pretended to rock out on it

then Rachel had to show me up and show me how it was done for reals

We had such a great night hanging out with them, and can't wait for them to get their hineys here so we can play more together! Love ya guys!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Idaho Springs

So the hubster surprised us Friday night with a trip up to Idaho Springs to go to a fun restaurant and walk downtown! It was ADORABLE, and I loved it! One of the best nights ever. If you're ever passing through and need to stop, it's worth your time!

We went to BeauJo's for dinner....yummy pizza and then you eat the crust with honey!

While we waited the kids sat on the ski lift chair and perused the menu....

The salad bar(s) were in BATHTUBS!!! It was the coolest thing I've ever seen at a restaurant. Yes, I'm easily impressed :)

Drinks were served in mason jars...the only real way to serve drinks

Then we had to walk all that pizza off and walked around the little town. Came across this cute place..

then Kai had to throw pennies in and make a few wishes.

Then we went down a side street and found this old train. It's the only one left in existence like this! (the model that is). It was pretty sweet and Kai loved it, of course.

Kai took his turn taking a picture....Kennedi was obviously less than pleased that she wasn't up there with us....

the passenger car. Can you imagine how hot and dusty it was?!?! Those poor women in those fabulous clothes :)

We walked on down a path, under the freeway and next to a raging rither of death (name that movie) and we were able to see the water wheel and waterfall that I ALWAYS want to get a picture of, but never do, when we're coming back from UT.

A MOMENT TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN A LESSON: The plaque telling us about the water wheel. I'd like to point out one sentence in particular....

"Tayler, who attributed his good health to the fact that he never kissed women or took baths, ..." Yes children. Let us remember.

After Kennedi bashed her mouth into a fence post at the waterfall (sorry, no pics) we decided to head back to the car. But of course I had to take about 27 more pictures on the way back. It's just so cute!

Cameron's favorite sign...

at this cute restaurant.

I almost got this sign for my dad.

MY favorite sign.

The sign Kai laughed HYSTERICALLY at.

Like, rolling on the ground laughing at the picture, before we even told him what it said.

A shop I wish I could have gone into.

Kai pretending to eat food at a table.

It was a great night, we had so much fun!! I'd recommend both the restaurant and the town!! Thanks hubby for a great family night!

Friday, July 22, 2011

here fishie fishie and other things

we went to the pool with my SIL Rachel yesterday. It was so fun! I don't have many pictures, because I was in the pool, and cameras and water don't mix. But here's a couple token shots!

(sweet pool!)

she's so adorable. And I love Kai too, but he was in the bathroom and I was packing up and snapping a couple pictures. Plus, let's face it, he's just not as cute as Kennedi in swim suits and hats


I was featured today!! Head on over to Rachel's blog to hear me ramble :)

Kai was drawing pictures on Sunday in church and he was writing out his Christmas list (heaven help me...Santa better be rich, because I'm sure not). Anyway, the point of all this is that he wrote it out BY HIMSELF!! Just sounding out the words!! My favorite two were

KAIT (=kite, but in his defense his name sounds just like it with a T on the end!)
BIK (=bike, how was he supposed to know there's an e on the end? You don't hear it)

I'm so proud of my almost kindergartner! Although he just found out he doesn't get to stay for lunch, and that has taken a lot of excitement out of school...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Civic Green

So I feel like we've missed out for most of this summer and can't believe it's half over :( So a few of us moms in the ward decided on weekly playdates at different parks to get us out at least a few times! We went this week to Civic Green park, in Highlands ranch, and I love this park!! it has a great stream the kids can play in a couple splash pads that are so fun. Here's a few pics of the day!

Kai's in the yellow and blue hawaiian shorts :)

I spy with my little sister in law! She was able to meet us at the park and it was so fun to get to hang out with her and my niece. She's in NM, so we don't get to see each other as often as I'd like!

There's no pictures of Kennedi in the water, because she refused to get in the water. So that was fun. And hot. And sweaty. And what's the point of water if you don't go play in it!??! Oh well.

Oh and all those pictures of Kai in the water were taken just before he slipped and scraped up his back. All up and down his spine, poor kiddo.

And one more shot of my little doll.

love that hat :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jungle Love

My sister in law is having a baby in a few weeks and Saturday was her baby shower. Well because I'm a total slacker and only had 8 months prior to try and make something, I was scrambling Wednesday night to get fabric together to make her a cute blanket! Well, I hoped it'd be cute. It was a style I hadn't done before. So I left the kiddos with the hubster, went to the store and came back totally excited and inspired! After some tears late Friday night** and a quick last minute washing Saturday morning, I had a blanket to give her!

She wants her nursery to be "jungle" and "sports". I'll give you two guesses as to why the sports with the jungle, and one of them is her husband is my husband's brother. 'nuff said. But I didn't like the sports idea, so I vetoed it. The privileges of the SIL.

The back is a soft green checkered flannel, super cuddly!

She loved it, which is all that matters. But I loved it too!

**and thanks to the aforementioned hubster, who talked me through the tears and made me finish :) I owe him one.

**PS if you're wondering why my pictures are fuzzy, I do actually know how to focus, the problem is my lens doesn't. Has something to do with juice from a sippy cup meeting said lens and not getting along. Boo.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

he makes me melt like a popsicle...

on the fourf of july. (name that movie)

Despite injuries previously mentioned (cough,cough), we had a fantastic 4th of July weekend! Monday morning we woke up, got on our patriotic garb and went to our wards annual pancake breakfast. They had pancakes. It was good. Then the kids went on a bike parade...and a very large uncle Sam showed up!! We have the best ward members!! They're awesome!

There's Kai! (in the blue shirt with the back turned. The one concentrating VERY hard on not getting run over, while not being last, who later informed us he WAS last and had to peddle super fast and good thing his legs are super awesome.)

After the exhausting breakfast we all came home for a nap (except yours naps for the wicked) and then went to grandma's for bbq. Then off to the country club for fireworks! I tried to get some pictures of Kennedi....yeah. We'll move past that subject. I'm still a little bitter.

It's just that I dressed her up SO cute, she was adorable in her little dress and headband with the flower, and she wouldn't even let me take ONE picture. Not one decent, one tiny, one itty bitty picture. Gosh.

You probably don't even believe me. Most people think she's a doll. You need proof, you say?

She-devil Exhibit A:

She-devil Exhibit B:

She-devil Exhibit C:

She-devil Exhibit D:

She-devil Exhibit E: notice she's not even looking at me now? She's mastered the art of ignoring. Heaven help me.

I could go on....but there's some saying about beating a dead horse..? Anyway. Before we went to the fireworks I did manage to get this picture of her in the car. My womanly and motherly intuition told me it might be my only chance.

It'll have to do.

Regardless of devil-children, the fireworks were fun.

(I know that's not the best/most high quality picture...and in fact, technically sucks (industry term, I believe) but I love that there are people in it, and it just sets the scene for me. So I like it :)

We had a great 4th!!! Hope you did to :)