Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 3

Yes, I know today is day 4 and I missed 2. But I will catch up. This is the one I could do quickly :)

Day 3: A picture of your favorite tv show.

I have a lot of shows I like...but this is my favorite!! I LOVE Castle. If you haven't watched it yet, start at the beginning and plan to be hooked!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Dress Take 3

We got this dress from friends of ours in our ward. It's one of my favorites! This is one of the last times she'll be able to wear it though, as you can see it's getting a little short!

1st one was the best one, but my white balance was off :(

Cutie patootie.

I'm comin' for ya mom!

Friday, February 25, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

I saw this on my sister in laws blog and thought it looked fun. You can go to facebook and look up the 30 day challenge. It gives a different assignment for everyday. Lets see if I can do it!

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts. Oh boy!

Here's a pic Kai just snapped of me.

Yes, I barely have makeup on and I didn't shower...I'm sick, as are my two children. Get over it. You can't smell me from there.

Fact 1: I have moved almost as many times as I am old. I'll be 28 soon. And I lost track after 21, although that was after college, so it's probably like 24 times now.

Fact 2: Soon to be 25, because we get to buy a house soon!!!

Fact 3: I had only visited Colorado twice before we moved here, but it's the only place I'll ever want to live, besides St. George UT.

Fact 4: Southern UT is my favorite place to visit because of all the hikes and beautiful country, although if I had a chance to go to Italy or the Maldives, it might trump UT.

Fact 5: I'm going back to soon as I decide what to go into. Ideas anyone?

Fact 6: I make some wicked awesome scrambled eggs. Just ask my hubby.

Fact 7: I'm often afraid of starting anything (project wise), because I feel like it has to be perfect, and if it won't be perfect, why the heck start it?

Fact 8: Tuesday nights are my favorite weeknight, because I get to go play volleyball. Someday I hope to be on a league team.

Fact 9: I read A LOT. And sometimes slightly neglect my children when doing so, so I try to start books I can read during nap time. Which is surprisingly a lot. I'm a fast reader.

Fact 10: We had a pet moose when we lived in Alaska. His name was Moocher. True story.

A little story for you

So last night we put Kennedi to bed, like normal. Kai stays up a little longer, we have to wait until sister is asleep before he goes to bed, otherwise neither of them sleep since they share a room. So Kai is in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, going to the bathroom, and generally amusing himself in there, as he does most nights. (side note. This kid loves bathrooms. He can amuse himself in there for hours, making swimming pools in the sink) So about 10 minutes into it, Cameron and I look at each other, realizing we've been hearing a weird sound.

Dad:Kai? Come out here bug.
Kai: I'm almost done cutting my hair, hold on.

More furtive glances between mom and dad. THEN. snipping sounds.

We rush in. Sure enough. He'd been cutting his hair. Just like he sees dad do all the time. The damage? See for yourself.

Notice the three bald spots in the middle of his hair? Notice the middle of his "bangs" are about an inch shorter than the rest? Yeah. I was laughing, only to keep from crying. He's getting buzzed today.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This is what Kai's up to these days....

Yeah. Think I'll stick with Kennedi pictures. jk ;)


So we were in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Kennedi was standing at the fridge playing with the ABC thingy that sings. Well I was watching her because she was dancing and being cute...then all of a sudden, this happened.

It was pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen. Her diaper just dropped to the floor by itself! So random.

And I know I've posted all about Kennedi...Kai is just as fun and we love him just as much! We're planning his 5th birthday party, so he'll be coming up soon!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Dress part deux

Here's today's dress! My BFF made it for Kennedi's birthday, and it's so cute! It's a great dancing dress, as Kennedi has found out all day. She loves shaking her hips in it! And I wasn't a good girl and forgot to take them when there was light, so I had to use the flash.

Thanks aunt Deen!!! We love it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hidey Hole

This is where the dastardly deeds are done. She'll take something crawl over to her hidey hole and stare at us while she does something. This time it was a red pen. Next time? Most likely the wipes.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's Walking!!!

So my baby is off and walking!!! About dang time!! She took her first two steps by herself on Christmas's been a while in coming! This afternoon (considerately she did it after dad got home) she just stood up and walked to the ottoman, about 4 steps. Then she got so much praise for it she started walking all over! Here's a few pictures Kai and Cameron captured.

Such a big girl!! Love ya sweetie!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday Dress

So it's a day late, but I'm going to do a new installment on my blog called Sunday Dress. Kennedi has so many cute Sunday dresses, and she grows so fast and can only wear them so many times before they're too small, so I have to document it! (till the next girl gets them!) Here's her "birthday" dress...the one that was supposed to wait till her birthday, but I couldn't. Love Target Clearance!

Such a cute deep color purple.

LOVE the pleating on the sleeves (it's what won me over in the store!)

Trying to get her to hold still...balloons work!

Love my sweet girl!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The cake

So this is the cake I made for her. It was supposed to look like THIS cake from I Am Baker....but not so much. Nevertheless, for my first buttercream recipe, and my first attempt at decorating, and considering I used a sandwich bag, I think it turned out ok!

Not sure about the candle...she kept wanting to touch it.

Trying to get her to WALK to her cake. Not so much.

Enjoying the cake...

And for a little walk down memory lane....MY first birthday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

More gifts!

So we just had Kennedi's party (and yes, I'm lame for being on my computer, but it's wind down time, I downloaded the pics, so deal with it). She had fun and got some cute gifts!

Kai drew her a picture (it was of her in space...yeah, he's "creative"). She stared intently at it and pointed at it, it was cute!

Gavin and Lacey got her a cute monkey that FREAKED her was hilarious! But she now loves it :)

Gift from Oma and Papa (my parents), she LOVES books

Gift from Grandma (Cameron's mom)...some cute outfits are always needed

She loved my blankie I made her and promptly laid down on it!

Later.. the cake pics!


So I had bought Kennedi this CUTEST purple dress for her birthday.....but I got too anxious and she wore it two weeks ago. This left me without a gift for her. (you may think I'm stingy with only one gift....but she's one. I'm not going to break the bank). So what to do? Well I've been wanting to try my hand at sewing quilts. So I started the top of this quilt months ago, then when I tried to machine quilt it, it jacked up. Bad. So, I put it aside for oh 6 months. Then I decided it'd make a great gift for my baby girl. Plus it's in the style of how I want to make her bedding (note: style, not color) so I thought I'd give it another shot. Did some research, figured out what went wrong the first time, bought the right foot, and voila!! It worked!! Now, it's FAR from perfect, but I love it, and it's given me the courage to try again, and to do it better this time!! So here it is!

happy birthday Kennedi!

I wanted something bright and happy and would hopefully photograph well with her :) I think I got it!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

365 days

This has been the fastest 365 days of my life! Kennedi turns ONE today!!! I can't believe it! She still feels like a little 9 or 10 month baby...not a ONE YEAR OLD. sniff. sniff.

Here's what my baby's like at 1 year old: (mixed in with a few pics over the past year...more sniffing...)

She's not walking yet. She can...she just refuses too.

She folds her arms all by herself when we get ready to pray.

She loves to make us laugh, and often "glares" at us until we do.

She loves to EAT and will eat anything and everything until every last crumb is gone.

She is so strong.

She has the bluest of blue eyes that everyone (random strangers in stores included) comments on all the time.

She makes the funnies faces...girl of 1000 expressions for sure

She loves music and loves to dance.

She waves goodbye to us when it's naptime.

She's a momma's girl AND a daddy's girl.

She adores her big brother and follows him around everywhere.

She annoys her big brother and follows him around everywhere.

Can't wear normal shoes because her feet are too fat.

Has quite the temper on her when she doesn't get her way, but is sweet as pie the second it's over.

LOVES her clothes and will hold them to her face and snuggle with them before she gets dressed.

Hates the headbands that I love so much

She hides in her "hidey hole" (aka next to the chair in the living room) and stares at us while doing something she's not supposed pull every wipe out of the container)

She loves to head butt us and will randomly do so, coming up to us and bonk heads and leave.

She pokes her head through the railings to see who's at the door

She cuddles up with me after her early morning bottle and sleeps until daddy puts her back to bed

She tries to jump up and scare us from behind the ottoman, chair, bed, etc.

She lights up our lives and we love her more than we could ever express

Happy Birthday sister bear!!! We love you so much!!!!