Monday, September 21, 2009

Willy Nilly

Feel free to judge away...willy nilly. What I am about to tell you will bring about different reactions....all of which I am prepared for! But I will warn you that if it's too harsh a reaction, I will tell you to chill out. :) So, Saturday morning I lazily get out of bed and wander down to my husband and son, watching football, trying to record the BYU game, which we won't go into now. I go and cuddle up next to my husband, who all of a sudden jumps up to check his computer. I ask him what he's doing and he says he has to check to see if he won tickets. I was like, to the BYU game? That's not even possible, it's today, in BYU, why would you have done that? Anyway, whatever. Well he checks his email and he has an email from 850KOA, saying he won BRONCO tickets for Sunday's game! Oh, well that makes a lot more sense! So he freaks out and starts telling me about how he heard on the radio they wanted Brown/Bronco Father/Son stories. He had one, so he sent one in, then later heard that they would be picking the top few stories and send them to the Brown/Bronco game on Sunday. So (here's where you start judging us) we went to the game yesterday! It was the first game I've been to since we've moved here, since they almost never have a Monday or Thursday night game here.

So I learned a few things at the Broncos game. Besides the fact that we kicked butt yesterday, no thanks to Orton, but that's another rant for another post...which won't actually happen since I don't actually care that much to write about it, but irregardless I can't watch him play without thinking he's definitely NOT all that and a bag of chips, and lets face it, with my husband, all games will be watched. Back to the lessons learned. And I should preface this with saying that this was not my first NFL game. It was my second. So you see I have a lot of experience in this field. And this first lesson just confirmed what I have already come to love about Colorado. Everyone is so DANG friendly! On the lightrail to the stadium we had to share seats with these nice old of which we found out that Paul (you know from Paul and Susie, no you are not actually supposed to know) just had surgery, and while he's doing better he couldn't walk up something..? She's also from St. Louis and her daddy always had the game on, etc. I could go on, literally, about the free lunch she got, and what she ate during that lunch and how she had it switched from the spicy to the non spicy because she can't do spicy.... but I digress. Then the game started. Holy fans! It was so much fun! That stadium is so crazy! They are so into the game, the stands were shaking all the time, we all got loud and into the game. It was fantastic. The other game I went to was nothing like that....of course that was also the Cardinals before they were anything. And the fans all around us kept high-fiving each other, even though they didn't know each other. At one point a candy bag got passed around, we handed it back, and watched it make it's way down 5 rows and over to the other side of the section. Someone brought candy and told them to pass it around (it was sealed, not poisoned, don't worry). And it came around twice during the game. Just so friendly! And we were fair. We may have boo-ed the Browns....but we also boo-ed our own...well a certain key member of the offense, when he made lousy reads. Which was a lot. So we are fair!

Some other things I learned, which I'd like to think made up some of going to a game on a Sunday. Can I just say how grateful I am for the gospel? Ok, so I went to a game on a Sunday, probably not living as I should, I will justify it how I want, because I wanted to go! Anyway, we went to get a hotdog during halftime and I watched the smoking section get so packed full that people were literally smoking in each others faces. One wouldn't even need to light up to get the full effect of the cigarette if you were standing in that section. After the game we walked down the 5 flights of ramp? It was a big long ramp, not stairs, you get the point. At one point we get to a flat part, and find that a man had fallen down...well we were concerned at first, then his family was around him, all embarrassed, he already had a brace on one wrist...he was totally drunk and just fell over. Then a little past that part, still walking down the ramp, we get rammed into, not a huge deal since there are thousands of people trying to leave, so we look behind us, it was this random guy with a huge orange mohawk, holding his hands up in the air yelling go Broncos. So he rams into us, we turn around to look at him, and then he proceeds to tell us how much he loves us. "I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" Yessss.....apparently not as much as you love your alchy-hol, and please tell me you're not driving home. You could smell the next day hangover on him, it was pathetic. And these people are just making fools of themselves. How glad I am to have the word of wisdom, to know that those things aren't actually fun. To be able to wake up this morning and be able to remember my experience at the game yesterday, not have a headache, not having been a menace to a pregnant lady and her husband.

So while I may have not kept the Sabbath Day holy as I should have, I was reminded how grateful I am for what we know and believe.

On a totally different note, another highlight of this weekend was the most amazing find I found at Kohl's. Which is my most favorite store anyway, so it's not hard to believe I found something else there I love. But THIS takes the cake. Their holiday candles. Holy smokes. You think you've smelled a candle. And every single scent is mouth watering. Literally. You smell the Harvest Apple, and you can literally feel the apple cider sliding down your throat. The Carmel Pecan and the Roasted Chestnut are like biting into the most delicious dessert you have ever smelled. So we got one, opened it up Saturday night, and haven't even lit it yet, because the smell is so great and perfect we haven't even had to light it yet. Moral of the story? Go buy as many as you can today. It's the last day of the sale today, they are $4.99 from like $12 or something. Just don't go the Kohl's by my house, because I'm headed there as soon as Cameron gets home. I need three of each.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Brother

So Kai is very into being a big brother. He is very concerned with eating the right foods to make him big and strong. I asked him what he wanted for lunch today and he told me that while macaroni and cheese is good and makes his body happy he needed a dinosaur sandwich to make him big and strong. This kid cracks me up! So dinosaur sandwich it was! He also is into taking care of "Beary" his new baby? and making sure he is taken care of. Here is a picture of him getting Beary ready for his nap time, I couldn't resist taking a picture :)
He made sure that Beary had his book ready. What was so cute is that it took him like 10 minutes to get everything "just right". So cute, I love it!

And for my family who doesn't get to see the hugeness I am becoming...a few pictures! Ok, I use the term huge loosely, but I will say that I wasn't this big with Kai until about 7 for me to be almost 5 and this big is matter what anyone says! And the pictures are not great, it's hard to see with the shadows, but here you go anyway! (And I am bigger than this already too, this was a week or two ago)

Kai kissing his baby sister :) We took him to the appointment with us so he could see the baby and when we told him it was a girl he started jumping up and down around the room clapping. Pretty sure he would have done that with a boy too....but it followed my sentiments exactly! And he loves the ultrasound pictures, he can point out her nose and lips on the profile and he loves to look at his sister. Too cute!
And for those wondering, no, we don't have a name picked out. We actually have decided we are not going to tell the name until after she is born. There have to be some surprises! So there you have it! Baby girl Monteath until after she is born. I'll try to keep pictures updated for you Kaylynn and Rachel!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here I was...

all prepared to have a great post with some exciting news that I have, and then this morning happens. Who in the world would authorize someone to come jackhammer and rip out my next door neighbors cement stairs at 8:00 in the morning? Okay okay, I get that I should probably be awake and productive and whatever. Whatever. That's what I have to say about that. But here I am, laying half awake trying to doze a little still, and all of a sudden my house starts shaking and I hear the most horrendous sounds. So I get up, look out the window and sure enough, they are ripping out the stairs to the townhouse next to us. Don't get me wrong, it needed to be done like 2 years ago at least. So the complaint is not that they were actually doing something, because heaven forbid they get wind of that and never do anything again. But 8:00 in the morning? Really???? REALLY????? Thank goodness my son was already awake, or I really would have gone out in my pajamas and given them some pregnant woman rage. Because believe me, there was rage. Okay, it really wasn't that bad, and although I was annoyed I knew I needed to get up's just having to have that be the reason. ANYWAY.

Needless to say I wanted to announce something fun, but I am too tired and out of my groove thang to think of anything something on my blog somewhere has changed to let you know what our ultrasound let us know! And it's not difficult and really dumb, but there you go :) And by the way, we are very excited!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So Kai has been cracking us up lately. He will come up with these sayings that we have never heard him say before, that are perfect timing, and we don't even know where the heck they come from! A week ago after church Kai and dad were wrestling upstairs on our bed, Kai's favorite game. Well Kai comes downstairs a few minutes later and curls up on the chair and starts pouting. Cameron asks him what's wrong...

Dad: What's wrong bug?
Kai: My life is ruined!
Dad: (Trying not to laugh hysterically).....uh, your life is ruined?
Kai: Uh-huh.
Dad: Why is your life ruined?
Kai: You keep fighting me.

That's all. Where he even heard the phrase his life is ruined, we have no idea. How it came into that context, we have no idea! So random.

Friday night we were at Cameron's soccer game and I had a pain in my side, so I was holding my belly. Kai comes over, sees me holding it and that it hurts, looks at me with the most concerned look I've seen on a 3 year old, tells me the baby is starting and we have to go to the doctor! We haven't ever told him what will happen, I don't watch the baby shows or anything like that. How weird?! Then he proceeded to tell a friend the next morning that mom was having a girl and when the baby started we had to rush to the doctor. Where does he get this stuff?! And it's not like it's incorrect and made up, but it's things we have never told him or said, and he just pulls it out at the right moment? Just to clear up something, we don't actually know what we are having yet! Kai goes back and forth every time we ask what he thinks we are having...and no, it's not twins one of each, we already know that!

Last night took the cake though. We were upstairs in my bedroom, Cameron was trying on some new jeans we had got him awhile ago (he loves that he can wear jeans and shorts at his new job!). So he was trying them out, and they were a different fit than his normal ones. They were a little "lower" rise, and a little tighter around the hips. So Cameron starts swinging his hips around, commenting about his hip action and something about his money maker, being a nerd as usual! Kai meanwhile had been eating some dessert....looks up at dad and says.....You said it, Boy! What?! You said it boy? Where did that come from?! We were cracking up so hard. So funny.

We sure love our boy! He's going to be a great big brother!