Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Days

We have enjoyed a couple of snow days, yesterday and today. Cameron got to come home early yesterday, and is working from home today. We've gotten a ton of snow, we made donuts, and have enjoyed being snuggled up in our warm house! This morning Cameron thought he'd get out for some early morning basketball at the church gym. He took my car out to see how it handled in the snow, if we needed new tires (they are supposed to be all season). About 7:30 I get woke up by a hubby that couldn't wait any longer. He said he tried to stay downstairs, but he couldn't any more, he had to wake me up and tell me. He wrecked my car. (his words, not mine). Turns out the tires are NOT good in the snow and just as he was getting to the church he spun out, the back wheel hit the curb and bent in. It's totally un-drivable, he got a ride home from a friend (they didn't even get to play basketball, not enough people showed up!), and called for a tow. Poor guy was so nervous to tell me, I felt bad for him! I did have to tease him a little, that he always manages to ruin MY favorite cars (like my NEW car, the day of our wedding!...another story for another post). But really I was so grateful that he was the one to test drive it in the snow, I hate driving in the snow. It could have been so much worse, we could have all been in there, it could have been Kai and I, it could have involved another car, somebody could have gotten hurt....there were a lot of other scenarios that could have happened. So we're back down to one car for a little while! Oh well. At least we know now! And even though he's the one that wrecked it, I'm the one that feels bad that he was so scared to tell me :( I guess I'm a big fat meanie!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Should I be worried?

Kai: Mama? (....voice is heard from the bathroom)
Mom: What, baby?
Kai: Uh, I using paper towel!
Mom: Uh.....huh?
Kai: I using paper towel!
Mom: What for bug?
Kai: ........ *crickets chirping*
Dad: Kai, what are you using the paper towel for?
Kai: Uh....I'm done talking now.

Cut scene. I don't even want to know!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

His girl

Kai and I were watching cartoons this morning, and because it's SNOWING today, it's a little cold in our house. So Kai comes up to me on the couch and asks if he can snuggle with "his girl."(he has started calling my belly his girl) I about died, it was so cute. Then once he got snuggled under the blanket with me and my belly, he looked up at me and told me he was going to be the best big brother ever! Such love already...hopefully it sticks around once she gets here!