Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

We celebrated our Halloween last night with a 3 ward Trunk or Treat. It was crazy!! But so fun! We had a few different appearances last year I'm determined we're going to coordinate and it's going to be awesome, I have it all planned out and I will actually make them!

Iron Man showed up for the candy...and boy did he get his fair share! I definitely do not feel bad he can't go out tonight! But he's so good about sharing, and he knows my favorite candy, so he surprises me with it :) What a cutie.

We had a butterfly fly in for a while. She was a trooper and got many a compliment!

My poor sleepy butterfly! Or was it a disdainful tolerance of the proceedings. Hmmm..

And if you look in that picture (above) you can see the Chilean Miner that showed up. Chilean Miner #21 to be exact.

And here he is in front of his collapsed mine. No really, it collapsed. It was supposed to stand up and we had mining sounds and a lantern and all sorts of cool stuff but the dang wind didn't cooperate. So at the last minute I convinced Cameron to let it be the collapsed mine.

And what was I you may ask? (And if you don't, how rude.) WELL, Chilean Miner #21 had a story (that I thought the whole time was a joke...turns out jokes on me) that when he came out of the mine/was rescued, he invited both his wife and his mistress to be there. Turns out only his mistress showed up. But MY Chilean miner had both show up.....



(you can click to make bigger if you feel the need to see the shame larger than life)

And if you're wondering, yes, I dressed in both...I just cut up two shirts, made them one, then cut up a skirt (all found at a thrift store, I didn't actually own a pink tiger shirt). It was befuddling to most, then once they found out the story they laughed. Next years will be much easier to understand :)

Oh dear.

Monday, October 25, 2010

For those of you not on FB

Or who don't check it regularly, thought I'd post a few of my favorite pics from Gavin and Lacey's wedding. I think we got a few great ones!! And major thanks to Cody for helping me out!! Couldn't have done it without you!

Oh what a handsome ring bearer!

The Groom

Cameron trying to recall if he deserves an "accidental" poke.... (he was safe)

Wasn't too hard to get a smile out of him!

Beautiful Bride

Another one...

And one more because they/she is just so pretty

Just Married

(and I just realized they are kissing in all of the it should be I guess!)

One of the few smiles we got out of her that night. She wasn't too pleased that momma wasn't holding her all night..

First Dance

Kai was a dancing machine!

And we got a dance in too ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The weekend in review

We had a super fun weekend filled with BYU Lacrosse! They came to play DU, CSU and CU on was a busy day!

Hanging out at the church after lunch before the afternoon games.. what a poser

What a sweetie. Loved her first lacrosse least, all that screaming had to be cheering, right?

Oh yeah. Definitely cheering.

Did I mention this one was a poser? What a beautiful mess.

Oh and there was lacrosse too.

(this actually is not anything of note...Kai just wanted a picture of the game. And oh yeah, they lost this one. oops)

Friday, October 15, 2010

I love Free!

So a few months ago Cameron and I were at a friends house and their neighbor had a dresser sitting on the curb with a free sign. So I grabbed it (yes I felt a little awkward...but it was free and I needed one!) It is a solid piece, in fantastic condition...just a little hideous. And it wasn't even that bad, just way outdated. But she had such potential! So I brought her home for Kennedi. The kids have been sharing one dresser up till now and it's just not working out so great! So I finally got it done after 2 months sitting in my garage and about 2 1/2 hours of actual work.

Here she is in all her before glory. Cream and Gold. Yum.

So not terrible...but not great! Do you see all the great girlie details though?! So fun. Oh and those "lines" down the side are actually a wave in the dresser drawers. It's cute.

Here she is after.....

Her makeover was done with spray paint! A white primer, followed by a few coats of white spray paint. I had a can of glossy at home, but at the store when I went to get some more they only had semi-glossy, so I just used that first, then put a top coat of the glossy over it, so hopefully it will clean well. And because the previous finish on it was a plastic kind of stuff I didn't have to sand in between coats, it just went on smooth as buttah!

I haven't decided if I want to add some color details...but I decided I'll wait until she gets her own room and decorated and we'll see what it needs then. But so far I love it! And yes, it's still sitting in my office/piano/craft/catch all it has been for 3 days now.

Up next? I need to FINALLY make her crib bumper and blanket. Hopefully it will help her sleep better when she doesn't shove herself up against and through the bars?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Run Run Run

As fast as you can!!

So my friend Debbie just finished her SECOND marathon...mind you this is just a mere 6 months after her 4th baby. Yeah, pretty much awesome. So it got me thinking again about my running goals. THEN I came across this article today in LDS Living. This LDS marathoner has run a marathon on EVERY continent. Yes you read that right! Even Antarctica, which btw she said was the hardest, given the elements. I didn't even know you could go there, let alone race! Her favorite she said was the Great Wall of China. Yeah, that'd be pretty awesome! So my new goals. I've been wanting to do a marathon, but I have now altered that to be one on every continent! I know it's pretty far fetched, and let's face it. I'd have to actually start running to do it. Nothing like big lofty goals! And realistically my next goal is a 10k or half marathon (depending on my shape level by then) in Boulder next spring. But it's a start! So wish me luck, check up on me and keep me accountable!! And hey, if you want to go run the great wall with me, or peek in on some penguins...start training with me!