Thursday, December 22, 2011


So this past Tuesday, right around lunch time, the door to my house opens.  I figure it's one of the neighbor kids, who sometimes knock, sometimes not, and whom I have issues with!  I go to look, and it's my husband.  Clearly much earlier than he's expected.  He had just been fired.  Really long story short, his "boss" was taking some heat, he was afraid for his job, so in order to "appease the Gods" he fired Cameron.  Hoping that would take enough heat off of that "things had been handled."  It was in no way an appropriate action for the issue at hand, and I can assure you Cameron was not at fault.  Nonetheless, four days before Christmas, we find him without a job.  Things will be fine, we hope! and we have started the job search and going through all the fun unemployment stuff that we hope will be sufficient to keep us in our house and not moving back in with Cameron's mom.  But even if it's not, we recognize that we are very blessed with alternatives and supportive family.  I figured you all would find out anyway, so might as well rip the band aid off all at once!  Thankfully we have Christmas all done and taken care of already so that's not a stress, and now we just have extra time to spend with Cameron!  We are very blessed for all that we have and we recognize that the timing is good...if there can ever be good timing in these things. 

So with that, if you hear of any jobs we'd be appreciative!  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and I will be back after with some pictures of the festivities!!  Love to all!

Friday, December 16, 2011

One for the folks

So it may come as a shock to you that my folks don't really do Christmas anymore.  I know, right?!  Me who has the tree up before Thanksgiving has parents who don't even put a tree up.  (shakes head in disbelief).  Mostly we just give them a hard time and don't really care :)

One day I came across this picture from pottery barn, because Dena had seen them in the store and said they were amazing so I went and looked for it online...and once I saw them, I knew I had to do them for the 'rents.  (that's slang for parents.  because I'm going on little sleep and lots of crazy right now). 

(Did you go see the link?  Ok good.)

So here is Dena and I's version. 

Ok, so they're not perfect.  But they were fun, and someday when I have a house and a bookshelf (actually it'll be a wall of bookshelves) I'm going to make some for me too!  We took framing squares and wood from Home Depot, cut it down, sanded and stained it.  The squares were too shiny so we "distressed" them with some black paint.  Then glued the wood together and then bought really weird glue to glue the squares to the wood.  They turned out pretty fun!  My parents are big on in they have hundreds, and my dad has done construction his whole life, so I was hoping it would be cool and personal.  They liked them :)

Happy Kwanza mom and dad!  (remember, they don't do Christmas.)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One more

for today.  Although I could have spaced them all out...but no time like the present!  ooh!  Presents!!!  :)  Can't wait for Christmas.

Here's one of Kennedi yesterday at Kai's class.  She cracks me up.  Apparently she's concerned about the picture being taken.

It's Official.

We have an author in the family :)  Kai's class all wrote books, and yesterday they were spotlighted with an Author's Chair.  It was so cute, they had the classroom dark with a chair set up on a desk and christmas lights and a spotlight over it.  They were completely spotlighted, and they all did great!  I tried to get my video on here, but it's not working, so pictures will have to suffice.

(PS, I didn't use my flash on purpose, I wanted to help create the feel that was in the class, it was so fun!)

 Making a face at Kennedi...

He is actually turning into a really great reader.  We'll go to the library and he'll pick books and read them entirely on his own.  I'm so proud of him!!!

Here are a couple pictures of his book.

We're so proud of our kindergartner! 

Tis the season

And apparently it's been a while since I've been on here! We've had a few things going on....trying to get ready for Christmas!

Kennedi is getting a mostly handmade Christmas.  She is in love with babies of all kinds (real and not so real), so I'm making her a baby bed (it's half way done!) and I made her a little quilt to go on top of it.

She saw it a few weeks ago and was like "OH!!  MINE!!"  She was pretty excited for it.  But it's been hidden away since then. 

We also started a new tradition that I really like and the kids are LOVING it!  I wrapped up a bunch of Christmas books and we have been picking one every night and reading it next to the tree.  There are some silly ones and serious ones, long and short, and it's been really fun! 
The only problem was the first night we did it Kennedi thought we could open all the presents under the tree!  Poor girl was a bit confused and upset.  But she's on board now and loving it!  This is my favorite one so far, it's totally vintage, in great shape, and the illustrations are amazing!

In other news, we have more decorations up!  Stockings have been hung and Kai wrote his letter to Santa.  I didn't even get to read it.  He put it in his stocking, with instructions to Santa that he can keep the letter :)  So cute.  I'm sure Santa will be pleased.

Our nativity is out, to help remind us the reason for the season.

Kai came home with the perfect decoration for our walls.  He made him in class!
His name is Elfie the Elf.  Or Buddy the Elf.  Depends on the day.  And time.  And general feeling of the household.

And a true sign it's Christmas around here, we finally got our annual treat basket from the owners of Cameron's company.  They are amazing (the owners.  Well, the treats are too) and it's always a reminder of how blessed we are for Cameron to have such a good job!

Happy Holidays!  I'm hoping to blog a couple more times before Christmas, but that would require finishing a few we'll see!  Wish me luck!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Silly me.

I thought we had already hit the terrible two's months ago.  Who would have guessed that that was just a warm up? 

Heaven help me.

On the plus side I have some fun Christmas projects to share, as soon as I get off my lazy duff to take pictures of them.  But then again, I think I deserve a moment or two to myself.

Did I mention that we've hit the terrible two's?