Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Day

I knew it would come. Someday, it had to come. And it did. My little boy graduated from preschool! Ok, so probably not the most important graduation in history, but it was so fun. And I was so proud with how well he did this year in school. We can't wait for kindergarten!

Since it was a mom's group preschool, we decided to meet up for a BBQ graduation. We all brought food, and of course there was a special dessert for the graduatees.

We had fun, then we had about 2 minutes before the rain came for a three legged race!

Then we had our talent show. Each graduatee (do you like my new made up word?) got to show off a little talent. We had a singer, two boys showed us how fast they were. Kai was going to breakdance, but got shy, so decided to draw a picture instead. It was a rainbow.

Then they got their caps and diplomas. So cute :)

The "class"

And I'd like to apologize for my pictures. I had my camera in my purse on the way to the bbq, and someone who won't be named had her sippy cup in my purse. The juice spilled all over my lens and it was sticking and wouldn't focus. It wasn't the best time or place for that to happen, but I did the best I could. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

All in all, it was so fun, we're so proud of our quickly growing boy....and one down!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You win some, you lose some

Thankfully, the BYU Lacrosse team WON A LOT of them, and didn't lose any!!! They were here in Denver this past week for the National Lacrosse Tournament. They played 4 rounds, and triumphed over all! Last night was the Finals against ASU. It was a tight game, played well on both sides. I'm convinced it was our cheering that made the difference! Voted the best fans (by the fans)! This was Cameron's brother's (Tyler) last season, and what a way to end it!

We got ourselves decked out for the game....and we look pretty good if I do say so myself! (and I do)

Chelcie (Tyler's wife)

The gang!

The sweet victory!

Sweet celebration!

What a great night!

Good game fellas

Friday, May 20, 2011


So I was up at the unholy hour of 5:45 (not really an hour, but you get it) this morning, to take the hubster to work so I could have a car. I didn't even know the world like, existed, that early in the morning...but apparently it does. This morning though, the fog was thick, and it was a pretty impressive sight. I couldn't help but grab my camera out of the house and snap a few pics! So maybe SOME things are worth getting up early!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Is Not A Drill

One of the many thoughts running through my head, as I calmly but briskly walked with my children to the nearest shelter. I couldn't believe half an hour ago, my biggest concern was that we were going to get rained on during the BYU Lacrosse game. When we had arrived at the field, we were relieved to find out there was a weather delay on the game...hopefully it would improve before we had to sit out in the rainy, windy, crazy weather! After using the restroom and checking in with team, we all settled into the car to wait it out.

Just as we start speculating how long it would last, we were startled out of our seats with a warning siren. A LOUD warning siren. It could only mean one thing, but we were all in shock that it could actually be that. There's no way there could be a tornado right here, right now. Everyone in the surrounding cars, step out, and we all start looking at each other. Is that right? Is it what we think it is? Could it be? Then the announcer comes on. "Advertencia: hay un tornado en su área. por favor vaya al refugio más cercano." HUH? Again. "Advertencia: hay un tornado en su área. por favor vaya al refugio más cercano." Are you KIDDING ME?? There was no English on the tornado warning system. I guess I forgot I wasn't in AMERICA. A girl in the car next to us happened to be in AP Spanish and translated for us. Yes, it was a tornado, and yes, it was in our area. I couldn't believe I might have to go through this with my kids right there. What had I brought them into?

We head to the nearest bathroom facility, fervently checking the skies. Sure enough, swirls were happening and they were starting to funnel down. We made it to the bathrooms by the field, and then we were told to go across to the stadium, where the bathrooms were bigger and more likely to be protective. I grab my son's hand, grip my baby on my hip and we start to make our way. I glance down at Kai, and with tears in his eyes he looks up at me and asks what's going on. "It's a tornado warning, son. We have to go get to safety, in case there's a tornado." Meanwhile, my husband was 10 minutes away, heading right for us (and the tornado). Would he get here in time? Would anything happen?

We make it to the shelter, into the bathrooms. Thankfully they were clean and big! We keep glancing out at the clouds, along with hearing the reports that there is a tornado, but it hasn't touched down yet. Cameron calls me, he's here! He makes his way to us, even though they were trying to turn him away saying the shelters were full. And we waited. And waited. And waited some more. After about 30 minutes, the warning was over. We were safe! We could leave!

It was my first time in a tornado warning, and there was something somewhat exciting about it. But knowing my children were there, that they could be in serious danger, seeing the tears in my sons eyes as we rush for safety....knowing my husband is trying to get to us, but can't yet...it was scary. All I could do was pray that we would be taken care of. And even though no real danger was present (so it turned out) it took it's toll on us. Kai slept in our room last night because there was wind and rain, and he was scared a tornado was coming. I have a word or two to say with the people who created the warning, strictly in Spanish. And all Cameron could think was what if something happened and he wasn't there with us? We all had gratitude in our hearts yesterday, and a little more appreciation for all we have.

And yes, later BYU played, and won 14-7! They continue on in the semi-finals Friday. Go BYU!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


You know, I'm coming to realize life is full of compromises. If you want certain things, you have to sacrifice others. These all work out for our benefit...if we're smart about it.

Kai is learning there are compromises too. In fact, we made a compromise last night. He was told that he'd have to shower today. Well, he informed us that he didn't ever want to shower again. I made him a deal. He didn't ever have to shower again, but as soon as he started smelling bad, he couldn't live in my house any more. He thought it a tad unfair, but I was firm. We shook hands on the deal.

He'll be showering today. And if he doesn't, I know a 5 year old that will be looking for a place to stay for a while....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

G.J., B.Y.U. and M.D.

So last weekend we went to Grand Junction for the BYU Lacrosse Regionals. It was beautiful weather, a LONG weekend, full of non-naps for babies which made for very rough days! But it was fun and we enjoyed seeing two of the last few games my bro in law will play for BYU. (his last ones will be next week's nationals, held here in Denver!). Here's a few pics of the weekend...

This was about how pleasant she was all weekend. Fun for us, huh?!

Go BYU! We won the first game, lost the championship :(

She was "sweet" at times....what you can't see here, is as soon as she was moved or dad moved, she screamed at us.

Kai needed in on the action too...

Then before we checked out of the hotel, we had to go swimming. By we, I mean them. It was the first time in Kennedi's new suit, and she was SO CUTE! But, hated the water, which is no surprise given her joyful attitude the whole weekend. But she was adorable, and the pool "towels" (using the term very loosely) barely covered her up (let alone an adult) and just the cutest I have ever seen on her.

Ain't she a doll?

Yep, a real peach.

But she is adorable, if I do say so myself!

Isn't this the cutest ever!? I can't get over her little hands holding the towel...just so cute. Even if she is a demon sent here to torment me.

Making sure she didn't want to get back in.

After she was out, Cameron kept asking if she wanted to get back in....well you've heard the expression "if looks could kill"? I'd be a widow right now about six times over. Yes, our little darling is quite the master of expressions. It's no wonder she doesn't talk, her little face says it all, all the time.

At least Kai had fun!

We had a great weekend...oh, and the MD in the title of the post. We traveled home on mother's day (MD), but I got a card, and after decoding the puzzle in the card I found out I get the cookbook I've been asking for! Whoo hooo! I can't wait!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My new favorite....

So I got a book from the library on the recommendation of someone off of some comment off of some blog! I wasn't thrilled about it based on the cover. I KNOW! Never judge a book by it's cover....even if it has CHEESY cover art. It was the best book I've read in SO long. It's an adult fiction, CLEAN, hilarious, made my heart go pitter patter in some parts. I can't wait to read the rest of the books with the main heroine (there's like 10). Sound like something you want to read? GO GET THIS BOOK!!! I promise promise promise you, you won't be disappointed!

(ps this was not the cover art of my book)

This will now be on my must buy this book for future reads!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


no, I'm not vain enough to talk about myself......today anyway. The other day I was fixing dinner (mini meatloaf, which was very fun and tasty btw) and I looked out the window and what did I see? Popcor....wait. Wrong song.

Nope, it was a fox.

Right there, in broad daylight at like 5:30 in the afternoon. Or do you consider that evening? Either way, lots of light, he had crossed the street in front of our house (Kai saw him but I didn't believe him, one of those "oh, yeah? That's nice" kind of moments) and gone behind our house. So I watched him for a few minutes (after I called to Kai and told him he was right) and watched as he suddenly lept through the fence

and came out with some poor unfortunate creature

And he ate it, right there. After licking his chops, he headed off...I can only assume to find some other poor defenseless creature for whom he was jonesin'.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's been a while

and I still don't have much to say. I just haven't had much to blog about. But after scouring my brain, here's what's been going on.

Our easter egg decorating. I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't very into it. Then I'm looking back and thinking, I'm such a bad mom. My kids aren't going to have fun memories about stuff like this because I was lazy and didn't want to do it? That's pretty lame. And not the kind of person I want to be.

(covering up my makeup-less face)

The Easter Bunny DID manage to come, miraculously, and they loved it. Well, Kennedi had no idea what was going on, but once she figured out the eggs had starburst jellybeans in them...oh boy. Her new favorite holiday for sure. Until Halloween.

Easter clothes. Welp, Easter dinner was at our house, and I cooked all the food. Which means that I was cooking from 8:45 until 12:30, then a shower, then church, then home cooking some more. Which means that I didn't get cute pics of the kids...and in fact just snapped these in between timers. Oh well. At least the food was good. (yes, I'm patting my own back!)

************ In Other News*************

We sold our truck after it being on the market for approximately a day and a half. It was a super quick sale and we are very blessed that it sold that quickly, and for what we wanted out of it. Commence Operation: GET OUT OF DEBT AND GET ME A HOUSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We've got our best people on it.

*********** In more other news **************

I tore my thumbnail below the skin...you know, where it's so sensitive? Now my thumb hurts.

***** In other news just as equally not interesting *****

Now that I have no vehicle and am a car-less harpie (i've always wanted to use that word, but have no idea if I used it correctly) my goal in life is to organize my house, so that when operation ***(see above) is successful, I have less crap to take to a new house. This organizing would ideally include things like the following:

Grab and Go snacks

(image via pinterest.com)

****** In the latest news ******

I've been working on a secret project.

****And finally, to wrap up the longest blog post in history of blog posts******

She's still cute.

And all this time I thought I had nothing to say. Huh.