Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a fun Christmas, here are a few pictures! We're in UT now, many more pictures to come from that!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Kai coming around the corner and seeing that Santa DID come!!

Kai got Kennedi a baby doll and she LOVED it!! Her favorite toy by far, she is so cute with it :)

My grandparents got Kennedi a little stuffed animal from Kohl's, which she also LOVED!

And here is Kai in his Iron Man Helmet, from Santa! Good thing Santa knows him so well ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The RESULTS are in!

Thank you to all those who voted via FB, Blog and in person for the GBHD 2010!! We had a lot of fun doing it, and it turned out closer than I expected! Without further ado....


In third place with 2 votes, we have LEMON FRUITCAKE. The creator of this house (and name BTW) was my genius son, Kai! He did a great job and had fun with it!

One more time...Lemon Fruitcake

In second place with 5 votes....(drum roll please) CHRISTMAS AT THE BARNYARD. This one was mine folks, and I have to admit as soon as I saw my husbands, (the winner) I knew I was toast. I did enjoy a few creative things, the shingles, etc. And I was pleased as punch to get as many votes as I did!! Thank you!

One more time, Christmas at the Barnyard!

The WINNER with 7 votes. Tim Burton Meets Candyland!! Yes folks, my husband is a rock star! At least a gingerbread house making rock star!! His is genius, simple and beautiful. My personal favorite.

One more time, the winner :)

However. I feel I need to end with this. When asking my parents to vote, this is the response I got:

Having purchased and lived in more than my share of residences and properties I find myself to be somewhat of an expert, albeit self proclaimed, but an expert none the less. Therefore I find myself in an interesting position of being asked to judge a competition on the best house. Having studied said residences I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to judge said residences in the manner that has been requested. My reasoning being as follows; Upon close inspection and observation I submit that said houses are together a complete unit, a cohesive, intermingled, collection of buildings that together form a perfect, ideal living environment. For example; We have the main house, the Tim Burton like residence that would house a family comfortably and securely, as well as fashionably and creatively. Secondly, we have the Barn, which looks to be not a barn in the sense of housing beloved animals, but more a refuge for creativity, Perchance a Photography studio? With perhaps a guest room in the loft? And lastly but not in any sense of the imagination least, The Play House. What beloved family property would be complete without a place for the imagination to grow and soar to heights yet unimaginable?
Therefore you see the impossibility of judging in the manner that has been requested. To do so would in my never to be humble opinion be a travesty to an obviously well put together, Heavenly Father sanctified, family that is an outstanding example of working together to build a life rich in love, creativity, and necessities, where all are valued for their intellect and input.
I hereby respectfully, and with a sense of awe and wonder choose the unit as a whole.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Great Gingerbread House Debate (GBHD)

Last night we stayed up WAY too late decorating gingerbread houses. And it was awesome and SO fun, I can't wait for next years! This is going to be a great tradition. The only problem? Whose is better? (actually I know, but I won't say). So YOUR vote is needed. Please leave a comment and tell us which one you like better. We promise no feelings will be hurt! Tell us why, too. It'll help for future competitions :)

Without further ado, I give you GBHD 2010.

Welcome our first competitor: "Lemon Fruitcake".

With a peppermint roof and peachy-o wreaths, this quaint chalet home is a welcome reprieve for any weary holiday go-er. Living by the motto "More is Better", this home will not disappoint.

Next up we have "Tim Burton Meets Candyland".

A true sweet treat, this cottage has all you could desire and more. With stunning architecture and a whimsical setting this home will have you dreaming of sugar plums all night long.

Unlike the Lemon Fruitcake, this dazzling cottage lives by simple means...and does it beautifully.

Finally we have our third entry: "Christmas at the Barnyard".

If city living isn't your thing, come visit the barnyard for a Country Christmas. With shingle roofing, a fenced in yard and a chimney for Santa Clause, you're sure to have a very Merry Christmas with time to get back to your roots. Follow the brick path to enter a magical wonderland.

Thank you for reviewing our entries for GBHD 2010. Please take the time to vote.


Our first letter to Santa (tear). Dad helped write Kai's letter to Santa, then took it to work to be mailed. Thankfully dad had the address at work. Not sure that's going to fly next year!

Can't wait to see what Santa brings us in 2 days!!

Coming up next, Gingerbread houses!! Your Vote is needed!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bloopers Reel

As promised, the bloopers reel of the great "Christmas Card Picture Attempt". I will preface this by saying usually my kids are great at pictures. Kai especially. So I didn't think it would be a big deal to take a few pictures. That being said, here's how the day went down. (And I didn't edit most of these pics, because, well they're going to get tossed. Sorry some of them are so bright)

Mom: Let's take some pictures!!! You guys look so great! Yay! Smile!

Mom: KAI. Stop yelling, take your hands down and SMILE

Not smiling. More screaming. So he goes inside to have a "talk" with dad.

Mom: Ok Kennedi! Smile!!

Mom now playing peek-a-boo behind the camera in hopes of a smile...

Kennedi: Is this a smile?

How about this?

Getting warmer?

Mom you're hilarious.

And now we're giving up. When the baby starts to cheese it, it's time to stop.

Kai comes back out after his "talk". Mom: Ok Kai, are we ready?! That's a nice try son, let's try again.

I know it's bright, just close your eyes till I say three

Kai: Mom I want to do my own pose now.

And we're done.

Mom: Let's try the kids together! (Oh Yes. I am still hoping for something at this me optimistic. Or crazy.)

Mom: Forget it. That's a wrap.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holy Hannah

So, you know all those posts about Shutterfly? Don't worry about it. They have lots of great products, but their promotion was lame. They didn't give me the promotion until it was too late to send it out for Christmas, and so I was going to go for a new year's card, but they weren't going to send it until the week after Christmas, and I'm going to be gone. And I'm not going to send a holiday card AFTER the new year. That's lame. Plus their promo code was lame. So I was so bummed last night, I had SO wanted to do a Christmas card. So I went to Costco's website and picked one out there, but then their photo stuff wasn't uploading. Even more sadness. So then I went to trusty old Walmart, and my cards are ready to pick up this morning :) So not at all what I had hoped for, but I am halfway there to sending out cards! This is a major lesson to myself, just do it early and forget about it.

I couldn't very well forget about it last night...I had put my family through 45 minutes of taking pictures :) Outtakes reel to come...but in the mean time here are two pictures I'm sad didn't make the card (although they would have on the Shutterfly one... )

And yes. We are ghetto and took them on our front porch, and our family one we did with a self-timer. I just had to do something other than I originally planned, we aren't getting any snow! Oh well. At least I have cards AND cute pics of my kids. It's worth it to me!

(PS I only say it was ghetto on our front porch because our front porch IS ghetto. There are plenty of cute front porches in which I think pictures are lovely. Just not mine)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gettin' my craft on

My Christmas craft that is. Here's a few things I've done, it's been fun!

My Visiting Teaching gifts, we were able to go today, love to do that! And totally "borrowed" the idea and the printout from here

Made a banner that came from here. It's so fun and I love it! It was so easy, even if I can't cut straight! (And look at those super cute stockings my sister in law made us! I still haven't finished mine yet, but I may not need too now!)

love the font especially!

Made Kennedi a clip to go on her headband for her Christmas dress, I can't wait, I think it will be so cute! For sure pictures to come on Sunday, all dressed up!

Tonight are the gingerbread houses, I'm pretty excited! We're going to be having a contest on who's is the best....we'll need your help with votes!!