Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and other things

We had a great Christmas! This was the first year Kai REALLY got the idea of Santa and got excited about it...he couldn't wait for him to come! It was a little sad though, because whenever someone would ask him if Santa was coming, he'd say no, I've been naughty! He's so funny, because we kept telling him he was a good kid, but he kept insisting that he cried all day and was naughty. So maybe that worked in my favor! Santa brought him a tent complete with sleeping bag, flashlight, compass and a chair. He loved it! His other favorites was a Bumblebee Transformer, marshmallow shooters (thanks granny and papa!) and pretty much everything! After everything he opened he kept saying "That's just what I wanted for Christmas!" So cute!

Testing out the camping stuff!

The stocking is as big as he is!!!

One for Kai, one for dad!

In other news I had my 34 week dr appointment this week. It went well, the dr thinks it's so funny that I am all baby, she hasn't seen that before. But they do think the baby is measuring big, so I go in for an ultrasound in a couple weeks to see how big she is and we'll go from there. So we'll see what happens in a few weeks!

We're excited for the new year, it will bring a lot of fun things to us I think! Happy New Year to everyone!! We love you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ghosts of work Christmas Party's past

So Cameron's work Christmas party was on Saturday. I wasn't sure what to expect, but usually at the very least the parties are an excuse to dress up! His first Christmas party with University of Phoenix was ok...just dinner at a nice hotel. There was dancing, but no one danced, everyone just sat around. The second year was better. Still a nice hotel, nice dinner, but they brought in a comedian, which was fun. We left before the dancing, because most people were leaving and based on last years experience no one remaining would. So with a new company, who knew what to expect?
Well the first difference was we received an actual invitation. This was a well thought out, multiple insters for different things, nice cardstock invitation. Impressive. But still could just be a nice dinner with "dancing" that no one would do. Well last week we received a huge gift basket in the mail, full of godiva chocolates and yummy cheeses and things of that nature. A nice perk. Then this past week, we learn that a contestant from American Idol is going to come and perform! Nice! This could turn out better than we thought!
So we get there last night, it's at a super nice hotel. We had received a raffle ticket so we could choose one of 25 prizes to be drawn later that night. The cheapest of the prizes was $100 with at least half of them well over that amount. There was also a raffle we were entered in to win a trip. Then they had photographers there taking pictures...and they were free! Nice matted pictures, not just flimsy photo paper (which is still fine, but we got more than I expected). Our photographer gave us 2 extra pictures to send to both of our parents, because I'm so hugely pregnant and she thought it was cute! All free. (Maybe I'm used to cheap things, but I couldn't get over it!) Then we had a great dinner with a nice program showing all the billions (yes billions) of dollars worth of projects that had been done over the past year. And oh yeah, bonus? They are changing their 401k match from 125% (awesome, we know) to 150%. Unheard of. Starting January. So then they announce the American Idol's Kristy Cook from this past season, she made it to the top 10! She was really good...much better in person actually! Then as a surprise, we had two of the dancers from Dancing with the Stars come! They danced and performed a few numbers for us. We also had retired 4 star generals there, one of whom who spoke, senators...and lots of bigwigs who work with the department of defense. All in all it was a fantastic night, people danced/moshed, it was hilarious to see professional adults moshing to Lady Gaga Poker Face! Someone proposed to his girlfriend on stage, which was fun, anniversaries and birthdays were celebrated. It was such a great evening, and such a great time to reflect on what a fantastic company Cameron works for and how lucky we are to not only have a job, but this one AND that Cameron loves it. We're so blessed! Plus I got to dress up again, and what's not to love about that?!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The wedding!

We went to UT a few days ago for my sister's sealing. It was so great, we were so happy to be a part of that experience! It was a fast and furious trip, but we did it and it was worth it! Thursday we drove out with only one bad spot the whole way, which was so fortunate! We tried to make it to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert that night, but it didn't happen. But we did make it to Temple Square and it was beautiful. We did get to see A choir, not the one we went for, but good nonetheless!

Us waiting in line for the concert we didn't see.

The next day we woke up, went and took pictures with Kaylynn and Tim, then the sealing, then the reception. It was a busy day, but thankfully we took pictures before the sealing, because the temperature dropped significantly after the sealing! Keep in mind, pictures are VERY unedited, I have no software on my computer right now for it....hopefully it'll happen soon! Santa?! Just a taste of some of the fun we had!
After the sealing...
The reception....Kai at first refused to dance with any girls, but then he danced with all of them! Funny kid!
Does this dress make me look fat?The infamous cake. It ended up not getting any fondant, not due to a lack of trying, but time and energy!!! Thank goodness for moms who can fix messes, it turned out nice anyway!We also got to stay nights at Cameron's sister's house, so we got a lot of family time!! It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is normal?

I ask this question, because we woke up to record breaking lows this got down to -17 last night. My husband assures me this is "abnormal". But I have to say, since I have moved here 2 1/2 years season has actually been "normal". It's always hotter than normal, or colder than usual, or drier than usual or more wet than we normally get. So I ask again, what is normal? The only consistent answer I get is "That's Colorado for you"....and I have to say...that gets old REAL fast. I don't think people here actually know what normal or consistent is. Not to say it doesn't make for some interesting days, and it's easy to strike up a conversation about the weather, because it's always doing something different than expected and "normal".

I think he's just saying that to give me hope and to get me to stay here ;) Good thing I like change.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanksgiving was great! Cameron's cousin and her family came to visit/had a hockey tournament over Thanksgiving. I had never met them before, it was so fun to get to know them! We had a nice few days...but exhausting! Bed no earlier than 11:00, up by was rough for me! But it was good and Kai loved his "new" cousins!

30 weeks and counting! My appointments are now every 2 weeks, which is a great countdown! It makes it go by so fast! I only had to take the 1 hr glucose test, which was fantastic! The 3 hour one is killer! And besides the fact that this child sits on my sciatic a few times a week and insists on using my bladder as a trampoline...we're doing good! I have some good countdowns to help pass the time and before I know it she'll be here!

One of those countdowns is my sister's sealing!! She's getting sealed next Friday to her hubby! We're going out next Thursday and coming back Saturday. It'll be a fast and furious trip, but we're excited to see the family! I also get to attempt the wedding cake and take the pictures....wish me luck!! I am excited though, it'll be fun! And while we're out there we got tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert! It's Thursday night and features Natalie Cole, which I am so excited about!!

That's about it for updates! I lead a very boring life right now! I am regretting that I did not do more on my "To Do before the baby comes" list, before I got so big! 20 lbs hanging off your stomach makes for a sore back after a short period of time! Speaking of my bigness, I promise my family that I'll get a picture up here soon! We're going to A Christmas Carol on Friday night at the theater, so I should be presentable enough for a photo op!

Peace out!