Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So it's pretty much the funniest thing on earth, when your kid starts to negotiate with you. I really just didn't expect it to happen, I don't know why. But now that it has, it cracks me up! Kai negotiates for everything.

Kai: I nap for...10 minutes, then wake up.
Me: Okay Kai (I let him think he wins, because once he's asleep he's out for two hours!)

He just asked for some M&M's, so I said you can have one...
Kai: Um, three mom.
Me: You can have two, one for each hand.
Kai: Ok mom.

He negotiates how many times his book is read before bed, again, always he'll only sleep for 10 minutes (I don't even know where he got that number from).

Another day in motherhood!

And question....do time outs become over used and ineffective when the child starts putting themselves there, as a game?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ice Carving

So this weekend we went to the Park Meadows Mall, they were doing the Grand Opening of the Vista's, just more shops and dining...it's pretty nice. But we went because Gavin, Cameron's brother, was carving ice! They had an ice carver in front of each restaurant. It was really fun, and so fun to get to watch Gavin do his stuff! Here's some pics:

He starts out by "sketching" onto the ice...

Then he starts cutting away! It's amazing to see how much detail he can get with the chainsaw....and also how he can picture the 3D in his mind....no way could I do that!

Then he gets more detailed...here he is doing the grapes on the side of the wine bottle (it was an Italian restaurant)

Almost done....
Finished product. It also had a luge going through the back of the bottle, for the servers to pour their signature lemonade through. Pretty sweet! It took him about 45 minutes to do....and he was trying to keep it slow!

Kai was freaking out about keeping his hood on, he was not enjoying the shavings flying everywhere!

But he was still having fun :)

We also enjoyed the flame throwers! They went all out!

All in all, a really pretty, fun evening :)

Halloween fun

Kai was Spiderman for Halloween, and totally in love with himself! I was Spiderman's mom, creative, I know! Cameron was a mix of things....for the ward party he was Spiderman's dad since he had just come from work, and couldn't even come inside. For work he was Doc, one of the seven dwarfs. We had a lot of fun, and Kai is LOVING his candy, of course. But the silly kid would not say trick-or-treat! He says it all the time now, and wants to go back again, but he wouldn't say it that night. But at least he said please :)

Kai and Darrin

Cameron and I's pumpkin's, three guesses as to who did the bronco.....

Mom, you forgot to tell me cheese.....(this is actually what he said after I took this picture)

Cheese, Kai!At dad's work...they had a haunted house....Kai was pretty freaked!

Doc, my dwarf husband :)