Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So here's a few pictures of the girls while Dena was here. They were good babies and it'll be so fun to see them grow up!

Cute Ellie bellie!

Are you guys kidding with this?

And my favorite hilarious picture...

Can't you just hear her shriek of terror at the looming hand?!?! So funny, I crack up every time I see this.

Leaving you with my true favorite...
My beautiful Kennedi

Couch potato to 5k

Yes that's a real program, and yes I'm doing it! I've decided to start running. Who knows if I'll like it, but I'll never know until I do it, right?! I have a ton of inspiring women around me here who have run half and full marathons and it's so encouraging! So I found the program and I sort of started! I did it twice last week and will start again this week (due to the craftiness of last week((See previous post)) we didn't get to go out as much as we should have).

After my first run (and yes, I'm aware I look like a goof)
How I felt physically after the first run.

How I felt mentally after the first run.

My goal is my first 5k to be in August or September when a friend of mine is having a foundation run. So wish me luck...and hold me accountable!


So my BFF (the same that started and encouraged my march madness and April projects that I didn't do!) came to visit last week. Thank goodness for cheap plane tickets (dirt cheap) and no work so we could play for a couple days! We managed to cram every second full of crafting stuff, which was SO fun. We did a lot of sewing which was great because it's been forever since I've done any and wasn't super confident, but now feel much more confident to tackle it on my own! Here's the stuff we was fun because everything turned out! Maybe not our favorite stuff some of it, but good enough we can use it and it was fun :)

Headbands: SOOOO my favorite project. They were so fun and they are ADORABLE on the girls. (Dena has a 6 mo old daughter). More pictures to come in a different post :) (Ellie top, Kennedi bottom)

Then the next day we made skirts. We were SO nervous the whole time, but they turned out cute!! (Please excuse the messy house. I was busy crafting)

The next day were necklaces. We made the flowers and started the beading. I haven't finished this project yet, but it's well on it's way and I'm excited! I've never made jewelry and this is a fun one to start on.

The idea of it came from here...
Multi-Strand Bloom Necklace

Then came the t-shirt hats..


Kennedi's still needs to be fitted..

After that was the t-shirt dress. I can't wait till Kennedi can fit in this, it turned out pretty fun!

Last but certainly not least was the rose belts. It was fun too, I wouldn't make more, but it'll be fun. Pardon the weird's a gray/green linen that apparently doesn't photograph well in dark bathrooms. Who knew.

Then we squeezed in a quick photo shoot of the girls before we had to catch the plane. Hope the girls grow up to be best friends just like us!

Love ya deen!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So a friend of ours in the ward is a photographer, and he is teaching me some things and let me borrow his camera. Here's some stuff that's been going on in the past couple weeks!

Of course the baby girl is always a great model...!


(Deb I hope you don't mind...he's too cute!!) My friend Debbie's baby boy Brigg...him and Kennedi are a month apart and so fun!

Kai LOVES his picture taken...cutie

And not BEST for last certainly...but the most hopeful for last!!!