Friday, September 30, 2011

Fully Charged

Grandma bought us tickets to go to the circus last night!!  Thanks Grandma!  It was so fun.  I was worried about how Kennedi would handle it.  Needless worry, she LOVED it!!!  It was so fun!!  Just in case you don't get to go, here's the highlight :)

(love my sweet, beautiful girl!)

Kai was super excited too!

 This guy is an ex-marine...the FIRST in circus history :)  He was fun.

She looks a little down now, but this was just before the cotton candy.  After that she perked up and enjoyed the whole evening!  She got on a sugar high at one point and was jumping up and down on our laps dancing and having fun, then she crashed on the way home!

We all loved the elephants.

This was Kai's favorite part, he loved these guys!

(Those guys were amazing too)

So this was the last big act.  Out came this giant arrow...see the guy all in black near the bottom of the arrow?

 Then they lit him on fire.
 Then shot him across the arena.
 It was awesome.

We went to the circus a couple years ago and we weren't thrilled with it.  This year was super awesome, and we loved it!  We recommend the Fully Charged circus, it was so fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I had a dream

A dream where my world would be free of an awful, lackluster, boring entertainment center.

Don't get me wrong.  It works for some people.  It did not work for me.  It apparently didn't work for my children either, as my son broke the doors shortly after we got it.  Yay.  Back to the dream.

In this dream, I saw beauty.  A unique individual who would fulfill my entertainment center dreams in a way nothing else could.  And I waited.

And then I met it.  ( I was going to say her, but then that would be even weirder than this already is, and I don't want to lose the 3 people that read this blog, by being too weird.  Even though I think of it as a her.)  It's time you met her too.

Wow, right?  (And please pardon all the angled pictures.  My house is narrow not wide and I just can't get a straight on picture hardly ever).  I knew she had to be mine, but I couldn't justify the $30 on her.  CRAZY, right?  Or was it?  She was at Salvation Army and it was 50% off (the 30 is the half off price).  I told Cameron about this beauty after I came home and he thought I was foolish for not bringing her home.  PS, gotta love a hubster who encourages dreams :)  So I figured if she was still there the next day it was fate and meant to be and I would bring her home.  Obviously I think we know this part of the story.

Here's a few more pictures of her and why I fell in love.

I mean look at the details!!  I had never seen anything like it.  So it came home with me.

Immediately I was picturing white with a fun colored handle to make it pop.  I'm currently loving the white/gray/ neutral colors combos stuff.  And it's only paint, so I can change it up if I need too!

After weeks of work (mostly on waiting for Cameron to help with a couple parts...mind you patience is not one of my virtues)'s done.  FINISHED!  And I love it.  You wanna see?!

Ignore the toys please :)

I Love this!!  It's so fun!!  So I took the three middle drawers out and made shelves.  This required two trips to home depot because I cheaped out on wood the first time and you could tell, so I went back and had them cut me some better wood.  Worked.  Our next hiccup was drilling the holes in the back of the dresser.  Turns out you need a sharp drill bit thingy to do that.  Who knew.  So back to Home Depot to get one.  We drilled the holes, then I attached the back to the dresser.  THEN we had this problem.

See the problem?  Yeah.  Yucky wood showing and a seam, where we attached the "shelf" to the dresser.  So I got some sweet molding that I thought matched perfect (it did) and Cameron painted it for me (thanks hunny!).  I glued it on today, using painters tape to hold it together till the glue dried!

And now it looks seamless!!  See?

Another picture or two...

A dream come true :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry Mom

So I got an email the other day from my madre.....calling me out for being such a slacker on the blog!!  Sorry mom!!  So here's what's been going on lately....

I've been working on a secret project!!  It's going to be AMAZING....if I could ever get it finished!  It actually should be finished tonight...crossing my fingers and toes!!  Wanna peek?


Kai is LOVING school.  He just had school pictures yesterday.  I still can't believe he's in school and that we're getting school pictures!  He loves his teacher...he has learned funny things from classmates (nothing bad yet, thank goodness!).  We're still working on being able to get ready in less than an HOUR in the mornings....he is impossibly slow and distracted in the morning, and usually results in at least one argument between us.  So we're working on it.


I took some family pictures for a cute family in our ward.  They have a new baby girl and it was fun to get to do that for them!  Here's a few of my favorites :)


We are starting the house hunt again!  Slowly, we're looking at short sales right now, and if that doesn't pan out in about a month we'll start looking at regular homes!  We're excited to move outta this place!!


Kennedi is hitting her terrible two's WAY too early!!  She is the most opinionated, sassy, high-spirited, spit fire girl....and I couldn't love her more.  Some days she sends me to bed early because I can't handle it any more, but most days I look at her and can't believe she's mine. 


We're doing great!  I have a few more pictures/posts I want to put up, we'll see when that happens!!

Love ya mom and dad!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Party Time!!

So my BFF Dena moved here to Denver a few weeks ago and her daughter Brook just had a birthday this week!  Brook and Kai are destined for each least that's what Brook says!  Both of us moms are crossing our fingers for it too!  So she had a princess/super hero party on Thursday, and Kai was the resident super hero!  It was such a fun party, Dena did so great, the kids loved it!  I was official photographer for the are a few of my favorites!

The castle backdrop that Deen made....AMAZING!! The kids loved it, and it set the scene so perfectly! (I did help with the wavy flags, which were super fun!)

I may or may not have hung out near the dessert bar all day.....

See??? They're meant to be!! (BTW, this is a PURELY candid moment...the adoration you see there is real people :)

These BFF's are total goofballs...LOVE to pose together, it's hilarious!

I don't even want to KNOW what's going on in their minds right now...whatever it is, it CAN'T be good :)

Kennedi is still working on learning how to be a princess.  I also realized we need some major princess clothes around here!!
Kai break dancing during musical statues...hilarious.  Yeah.

 The beautiful princess!  She was hamming it up during these and it was awesome!
 Birthday girl making a wish!!  Hope you had a wonderful day Brook!  We love you!