Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's been a while....

And I still don't have a lot to say.

On a funny slash so irritating sometimes I want to pull my hair out note...Kai has started the Mommy....Mommy....Mommy.....about a billion times a day. He always has a question or wants me to notice something. And when I say always, I mean always. I stopped counting after 40 this morning of mommy's.....and that was in less than an hour. If we average 40 an hour, because it's sometimes more than others and what not....that would be 480 times a day he is asking me a question or requesting some sort of comment. And if I don't get to him right away, he freaks out with even more mommy mommy until I do ask what, then he feels free to comment or ask. After I started counting this morning, it became hilarious, because I almost couldn't keep up, which I think fueled the fire, and he kept going. Anyway. Kids are pretty funny.

On a Christmas note, I am proud to say that I am completely done! And when I say completely, I don't actually mean it literally, I still have to wrap one present, and finish two, but the two that I have to finish I am not actually giving them to their recipients until the middle of January, so technically not Christmas, so therefore I can call myself done. But I got done over a week ago, and it feels so good! Definitely the earliest it's happened, and I'm not going to lie...I love it. We are going to Albuquerque for Christmas this year, we leave Monday. We are so excited, we get to spend it with my family, and more importantly, my brother, whom we haven't spent a Christmas with in like 4 or 5 years. So whoo hoo!

Okay, that's all. Like I said, nothing new or exciting, but I had to put something up, it's been ages. OH, and the new family picture was taken last time we were in Albuquerque at the pumpkin patch, whenever there are goofy hats it's a rule we have to take pictures with them. Kai is in a pimp hat, but you can't really tell from the picture.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So it's pretty much the funniest thing on earth, when your kid starts to negotiate with you. I really just didn't expect it to happen, I don't know why. But now that it has, it cracks me up! Kai negotiates for everything.

Kai: I nap for...10 minutes, then wake up.
Me: Okay Kai (I let him think he wins, because once he's asleep he's out for two hours!)

He just asked for some M&M's, so I said you can have one...
Kai: Um, three mom.
Me: You can have two, one for each hand.
Kai: Ok mom.

He negotiates how many times his book is read before bed, again, always he'll only sleep for 10 minutes (I don't even know where he got that number from).

Another day in motherhood!

And time outs become over used and ineffective when the child starts putting themselves there, as a game?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ice Carving

So this weekend we went to the Park Meadows Mall, they were doing the Grand Opening of the Vista's, just more shops and's pretty nice. But we went because Gavin, Cameron's brother, was carving ice! They had an ice carver in front of each restaurant. It was really fun, and so fun to get to watch Gavin do his stuff! Here's some pics:

He starts out by "sketching" onto the ice...

Then he starts cutting away! It's amazing to see how much detail he can get with the chainsaw....and also how he can picture the 3D in his way could I do that!

Then he gets more he is doing the grapes on the side of the wine bottle (it was an Italian restaurant)

Almost done....
Finished product. It also had a luge going through the back of the bottle, for the servers to pour their signature lemonade through. Pretty sweet! It took him about 45 minutes to do....and he was trying to keep it slow!

Kai was freaking out about keeping his hood on, he was not enjoying the shavings flying everywhere!

But he was still having fun :)

We also enjoyed the flame throwers! They went all out!

All in all, a really pretty, fun evening :)

Halloween fun

Kai was Spiderman for Halloween, and totally in love with himself! I was Spiderman's mom, creative, I know! Cameron was a mix of things....for the ward party he was Spiderman's dad since he had just come from work, and couldn't even come inside. For work he was Doc, one of the seven dwarfs. We had a lot of fun, and Kai is LOVING his candy, of course. But the silly kid would not say trick-or-treat! He says it all the time now, and wants to go back again, but he wouldn't say it that night. But at least he said please :)

Kai and Darrin

Cameron and I's pumpkin's, three guesses as to who did the bronco.....

Mom, you forgot to tell me cheese.....(this is actually what he said after I took this picture)

Cheese, Kai!At dad's work...they had a haunted house....Kai was pretty freaked!

Doc, my dwarf husband :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

You know those times...

where you're faced with an embarrassing know it's embarrassing, you should feel embarrassed, but you think it's too hilarious to even feel embarrassed? Then later, you feel embarrassed because you should have been embarrassed but you weren't? Confusing situations. Well, I had one of those this weekend. Lets set the scene.

Scene: Halloween party at friends house. Dinner, friends....LOTS of people, mostly strangers, trying to get acquainted. Lots of little kids running around, everyone eating dinner.


Situation: People standing, sitting, all over, eating the great dinner. All of a sudden a woman is heard saying, "Uh, naked kid running around." In my head I'm laughing, because, poor mother, and thank goodness my kid has never done that. Right? I probably even chuckled out loud, not too worried. Then, I hear someone say, "KAI!". What was that?! I turn around, and sure enough, my 2 1/2 year old son is walking around without pants or diaper, examining a car he had found. Completely oblivious to the 30 random strangers that have now seen his business.

I get up from the table, laughing hysterically, because really, my son has never done this, not even at home. What in the world possessed him to do this at someone's house?! I asked him what happened, where were his pants?, and this is what I got, "Actually mom, downstairs". OH, okay, because that explains EVERYTHING.

So (after I get a diaper on him, because who knows where his other one was, and it's not like he needs to be naked anymore, I think we got that one sufficiently covered), we go downstairs, and sure enough, there are his pants, on the third to bottom stair. Who strips on the stairs anyway? Were they that much of a hindrance that they had to be taken off that moment? So we find the pants, one down one to go, and start looking for the diaper. I finally find it, on the very opposite side of the room. ??? Really Kai? Really?!

So we get the pants back on, dispose of the diaper, the whole time I'm asking for an explanation (while still laughing hysterically btw) and get nothing but, "Actually, downstairs".

Yes son. Downstairs.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I always knew...

that one day I would eventually make/sew costumes, whether it be for the school plays, church something or other or Halloween. And it's something I've been half looking forward to, half nervous about. One, looking forward to it, because it seems like a mom thing to do, but nervous, because my skills are not that great. But, I'll attempt it, of course. Little did I know it would be so soon. And not only soon, but for my HUSBAND. Oh yes people, you read that right. My dear husband came home today with the request of him and his team (co-workers) that I make them the seven dwarfs. And yes, there will be 7 of them. So this weekend I get to figure out how to do that, because Halloween is in a few days. Thankfully it should be fairly simple, just tunics and hats, they're on their own for the rest.....but I found it pretty hilarious! I never thought that it would be a wife duty, as well as a mother duty! Oh my hilarious.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cutest niece in the world......

I know everyone thinks THEY have the cutest niece....but simply not true. Look for yourself :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Balloon Fiesta

So this weekend we went to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. We went and stayed with my brother and was SO much fun!!! It was such a great weekend, and we loved seeing them again. Here are a few fun pics of the Fiesta.....

Oh yeah. There ARE no pics of the Fiesta because the weather was such that it was closed all weekend. Whatev, balloon fiesta, whatev! We did get this pic.....but so not what we came for!

So we decided to go to the McCall Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, and try the Fiesta again Saturday night. Well, like I said, no Fiesta, but the pumpkin patch was fun. It was windy and by the time we left, pretty rotten weather, but nonetheless, we had a lot of fun. Here's some of my favorite pictures:

Yes, I did take this picture....and yes, I did do a little photoshop. Who cares, I love it!

My brother and my sister-in-law.....I love this picture! (sorry if you're embarrassed Rach!)

A few of us....this is one of the VERY few we could get with Kai....he was being such a dork!

And if you look closer at that corn field picture......maybe it won't come as such a shock to you as it was to us, that shortly after we left the pumpkin patch...a TORNADO blew threw there. Oh yeah. Literally a tornado through the little town. Luckily reports say there was no damage....but still. When I think that we could have been there with Kai....holy moly.

Anywho, overall, it was a really good time....we'll just have to hit the balloons next year I guess!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bear Creek Lake

So Cameron played hookey on Wednesday from work (he has a buttload of sick time) so we went to Bear Creek Lake and went fishing! Well, Cameron fished, Kai took turns being bored, throwing rocks into the lake (which I'm sure was productive to the fishing), and eating like a banshee, and I read a book. Or tried too, while I wrangled Kai. But all in all, it was a beautiful day, the lake was very peaceful, and I got some fun pictures!

We're fishin' mom!!

I think I got one!

Are we done fishin' mom?

Bear Creek Lake...part of it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When did the cosmic forces start hating me?

Seriously. I've never been too accident prone, never had anything too major happen, or klutzy accidents....until about the past month. And now I can't stop them from happening. First in volleyball I think I break or fracture my wrist....thank goodness it was most likely a burst bursa sac. But in a side note, I played again this week, and hurt it again, although not nearly as bad, still painful, and stupid. Then, just days after that, I'm building the shelf we bought....sure did slice my thumb open good...on the back side, between my knuckle and does that happen? And it goes deep man, and major painful. So then, as it has just healed the past couple days, today...grating a 5lb block of cheese, and sure do slice my thumb/fingernail.....oh yeah, the same one......ripped my fingernail half off....that was fun. And for those of you who may be coming over for dinner anytime soon.....don't worry, nothing happened to the cheese or the grater. My fingernail was the only in peace. So I ask again.....when did the cosmic forces start hating me?

Monday, September 22, 2008


I found this on my sister-in-law's blog, and thought it was so cute! So I did one for Cameron. These are his answers, and the pictures I found :)

1. What is your first name?: Cameron
2. What is your favorite food?: Steak and Potatoes
3. What school did you go to?: Columbine High School
4. What is your favorite color?: Navy Blue
5. Who is your celebrity crush?: Megan Fox
6. Favorite drink?: Dr. Pepper
7. Dream vacation?: Maldives
8. Favorite dessert?: Cheesecake
9. What you want to be when you grow up?: Football Coach
10. What do you love most in life?: My family
11. One word to describe you?: Good ( I chose this...he is just a good person, all around)
12. Your nickname?: Cam

Want to do it, too? Here are directions...
1. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.---

2. Using only the first page, pick an image.

3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.--- (choose four columns and three rows, also choose individual URL's)

Staples Removed....

And not a single peep. We took out Kai's staples yesterday, laid him down on the bed, I held his head down, Cameron decided to try and do both at the same time....pulled them out, and not a single peep. He did great! Here's a couple pictures, with the staples in his head, just before we pulled them, and then Kai holding his staples. He did however, start crying and freaking out when it was time to brush his hair. We can put in and take out all the staples we want from his head...but heaven forbid we try to brush his hair for church. But all is well. He has learned his lesson though, every time he goes and does something dumb (like leaping off of stuff), and I tell him to be careful and not hit his head, he always says, yeah, hit head, doctor. But, he's still leaping, so maybe he didn't learn it as well as I hoped! Anyways, another update in the life of a parent :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newest Creation...

So the other day I was craving a new type of cookie....and by new, I mean new to me. I'm sure this has been out there, and done differently, but this is my creation :) I call it Chocolate Andes, but Cameron thinks it needs something fancier. Anywho, I forgot to take a picture of them, but if you guys out there are craving a chocolate cookie, this is a pretty good one!

1 Devils Food Cake mix
2 Eggs
1/3 c. oil
Andes mints (about 1/2 to 3/4 of a bag), chopped

Mix cake mix, eggs and oil....will barely be moist's okay, go with it! Chop up Andes mints, throw them in. Roll in a ball, place on cookie sheet. Cook at 350 for about 8 or 9 minutes, cool on rack, and you get a fabulous chocolate andes :) Yields: 2 dozen

Anyway, there's my contribution to society. At least, the part of society that likes cookies.

Monday, September 15, 2008

(singing...) It's only just begun....

You wonder when it's going to happen. You know it has to happen. You wonder what time, how, how will you react, how bad will it be....all the while hoping it doesn't, but knowing you're fighting fate until it does. Cameron and I feel like we can finally call ourselves parents. Yes people, our first emergency room trip. Okay, so it wasn't as dramatic as I made it sound....but it was your typical head wound, middle of the night, and when you least expected it. Let's go back to when it started.....

Wednesday night, Cameron came home from work around 8:30, threw a dinner together, and we headed upstairs to watch our netflix movie...Singing in the Rain. Which, on a total sidebar, Cameron had never seen before. How do you live 31 years and NOT see Singing in the Rain? I can proudly say I fixed that. Anywho. So we put in the movie, Kai is still awake, so tripped out happy that dad is home. He's jumping on the bed, I'm reminding him for the thousandth time not to jump on the bed. He especially enjoys belly flopping on the bed....he has no fear. So we're belly we I mean Kai. I am still tiredly reminding him not to jump, and so he defiantly jumps one more time. He should have quit while he was ahead. He flops, and hit his head on the hope chest at the end of my bed. Let me rephrase that. He whacks his head on the sharp edge of the back of the hope chest at the end of our bed. He jumps up, waits about 4 seconds, starts crying. Cameron and I are posed, ready to see what he hit, how bad it blood, so far so good....wait, did we say no blood? Oh yeah. It starts gushing. Of course, it's a head wound, so why wouldn't it gush? Cameron in a feat of superman-ish speed whisks him into the bathroom, amazingly not getting a single drop of blood on the bed or carpet, until we were into the linoleum bathroom. Also amazingly, it stops bleeding almost immediately. So we try to clean it up, but it is right in his hairline, and in fact, hair is coming out of it, so it's so hard to see how deep it is, if we should worry about taking him to the ER. We debated for about 20, 30 minutes, and decided that we should probably take him, better to be safe than sorry. So we go in, and long story short (okay, short story long, and now probably the most interesting part I'm cutting down), he got 2 staples in his head. Didn't even flinch when she did fact, the doctor looked up at me after the first one, with an incredulous look on her face and was like, seriously...that's it? I was shocked too! He did start crying though (after his Popsicle and Finding Nemo stickers) when we got him off the bed to go home....he freaked out and wanted to keep "riding" the bed! (they had gone up and down with him). So anyways. He finally got to bed about 12:30, and that was that. He's been great so far, and this Saturday Cameron and I get to take out his staples. Should probably prove for another interesting post!

And for those wondering (like my mother-in-law degradingly assumed.. :( ...) I did NOT freak out....I actually was very calm, and we didn't panic and just cleaned him up, drove rationally, no worries. So I guess that answers a few questions! Anywho, sorry for the long post, here's a picture or two :) And they don't look very bad, and it wasn't too bad, but it was pretty deep. So we felt justified!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can't say I didn't warn you.....

Oh yes, this is real. He has a big billboard near the exit for Parowan, this is parked in his yard. He was in the parade on Labor day. Oh yes.

Labor Day Weekend

We went to UT for my sister's baby blessing for Labor Day. We went through Capitol Reef National Park, which was interesting! It was really pretty, and unique! We stopped in Hanksville, where my dad has a huge job...we got to tour it, Kai loved the get-up!

We stayed at my parents for a few days, then went up to my sister's. Jordyn got blessed in our family blessing dress....we figured it was at least 70 years old....maybe more...Kaylynn and I both got blessed in it, as well as my grandma (we don't know if my mom was ever christened or not...) was really neat to see it on another generation!
Grandma and Jordyn...
Blessing circle and Kaylynn and David...
Proud papa and mama!
Grandpa and Jordyn...

And Kai loved his little cousin!