Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiny Town or Bust!

Last Friday we were able to steal my niece Kara away and take the kids up to Tiny Town while we waited for Papa and Oma to get into town.  It was so fun!  The girls especially loved it, but there was a fun train ride for the boys too :)  We met up with some friends up there, had a picnic and a great day!  The usual barrage of photos to follow!

So Tiny Town is this little place where different companies can sponsor these little houses.  They get decorated inside and it is just too cute.

Some have skylights to peek in the top, they all have all sorts of windows to see in.  Others are big enough for little ones to get inside and have some fun!

And of course the girls had to make wishes in the Wishing Well!!

One of my favorites of the buildings!  The Tiny Town Library of course.

This is inside a beauty salon.  Just so fun and cute for the kids to look at!

My very favorite one though was this green house.  It was built to be a replica of an actual green house, and I have never wanted to garden so bad as when I saw this!!  Totally adorable!

This was built to scale using the actual blue prints of the original restaurant...we're planning a double date here shortly with one of the friends that was there with us :)

If you look close, this was one of the houses the kids could get in, though a couple of the girlies were a little small for the windows!  It goes from left to right, Kennedi, Kai, Kara and Allie (friend)

We had such a fun time, the kids were able to play on a playground, have a picnic and ride a train around the entire park.  It was a great day, we loved it!  Thanks Tiny Town!

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Rachel Overson said...

We love White Fence Farm! It's actually kind of crazy, my mom was just telling Jon that your parents should come visit so our families could go eat there. It's such a fun place!

I love the pictures of the girls at the wishing well and looking in the library!