Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kai's birthday!

Kai turned 6!  Aaagghhh!  He is growing up so fast, I can't believe it.  He is doing so great in Kindergarten, still such a good big brother and we just love him so much!  We had a little family get together for him a couple days before his birthday and then a little party for him with a few friends a few days after.  The most exciting part for him (and us!) was his big birthday present....we were so excited to give it to him.  But he had to go on a hot and cold hunt for it first. 

Getting warmer.....

There it is!   He has been wanting and needing a big boy bike for a while now...we kept telling him this summer we'd get him one, so he was totally surprised and loved it!  He also got a Tim Tebow Poster from Papa and Oma, a Nerf gun (can't have enough of those apparently!) and a cool Star Wars lunch box.  And we can't forget about one of the cakes!

Making the wish takes a lot of thought and concentration

For his friend party we had a few friends over and they decorated boxes and watched Puss in Boots in 3D and had some popcorn and snacks.  It was a fun afternoon!

We love you so much Kai!  We couldn't imagine life without you.

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