Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zoo Day!

My sister in law Rachel invited us out today for a zoo day.  It was a beautiful day and Kennedi's first real time at the zoo.  We had so much fun!  Thanks Rach and Jon!!

Kennedi's piggies.  Her hair is finally getting long enough...ish :)

We had fun with cousins and uncles 

We saw all sorts of animals...


Oh were the camels

Beautiful birds

The penguins were adorable

And giraffes are always one of my top faves

And the fierce grizzly was one of KiKi's favorites

But my absolute favorite today was the gorillas.  They came up right next to the glass and he looked straight at me.  I loved him and wanted to give him the biggest hug!

I wish the glass hadn't been so dirty and glaring, but they were the best I could get.  I loved that guy.  

The flowers were also beautiful everywhere..

And the piece de resistance...

It was a beautiful day full of fun and family.  I'll put a few pictures up tomorrow of my cute niece and the kiddos.  One of them involves a hippo.....

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