Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall is in the air

We took a drive after church today and fell in love with a new part of our beautiful state.  We stumbled across Lair of the Bear park near Evergreen (btw, LOVE Evergreen too!) and couldn't resist the call of dirt trails with gorgeous turning leaves.  And did I mention there was a beautiful stream?!  It would have been a crime to not stop.  (Even if we did have to go up another 400 yards and turn around on a scary part of the road with oncoming traffic and a small cliff on the side.  Pssshhhh.  Too much to ask for a perfect photo op?  I think not. Thankfully I've got an extremely accommodating hubster!)  So without further ado, I bring you, our fall :)

(lest you think I posed my son like this, he came to me and said MOM!  I have the perfect pose!)

KiKi was being a pouty pants, so I let her take this pic of Kai and Dad so she would perk up.  Not too shabby, and she LOVES taking pictures!

Kai took this picture and even though we are out of focus I love it.

She finally perked up for the last few minutes, phew!  I was needing a cute picture of my girl in this gorgeous setting.

These next two pictures were taken back to back within about 2 seconds.  And I think this is a completely accurate portrayal of her "dual" personality.

And I couldn't resist one last click before we got back in the car.

You know, I used to love the summer, but fall is quickly becoming my new favorite....tied of course with spring :)  We are headed back into the mountains next weekend in between conference sessions.  If I'm lucky I'll grab a few more pics!