Sunday, September 23, 2012


So Kai is in his first season of soccer!  He hasn't been in organized sports before and it started out a bit rocky.  But he's getting the hang of it and is doing much better!  (It probably helped that mom and dad have started bribing him with a quarter each time he kicks the ball!)  We're so proud of the progress he's making, and most importantly, he's loving it!  Here's a few pictures I snapped yesterday during the game.  (He's in the blue shorts/orange shirt)

Defending his goal....ish

Now there is some hustle kiddo!

This is the part we have to work on...going after that ball and following through!  But he's getting there, and I'm loving the beginning of my "soccer mom" life :)

Can't wait to see him get better and better!  They took their team and individual pictures  yesterday, so when we get those I'll be sure to put them on the ol' bliggity blog.

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