Tuesday, June 26, 2012


that thud you just heard was the sound of my parents hitting the floor, now that I've posted again :)  Sorry mom and dad.

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, even though I've started this post, I just feel like I don't have a lot to say.  We are still living with Cameron's mom, although the end is in sight!  Hopefully by August we will be on the hunt for our own place!  It can't come soon enough, but good things are happening in the meantime, so I'm trying to be patient.  I'm still working at Pottery Barn and loving it.  Cameron still has his job and it's getting better, so that's good too!

So, what's up?  Maybe I'll share a few pics of what's been going on.  I've been addicted to Instagram, so feel free to follow me there if you want a more minute to minute goings on with my life :) And these are ALL phone pics, because I haven't touched my camera in months.  Can't wait to someday feel like myself again!

Bought this table at Goodwill for $34 bones

Turned it into this table for $50 bones :)  I am super in love with it and have mad plans of building a bench for one side, and parson chairs for the other!!

Been amazed at how fast this thing is growing up.  And apparently hitting phase 2 of the Terrible 2's.

Enjoying the summer with friends :)

Lots of pool days.  If you call 2 or 3 lots.  But lots to come for sure!!
Made another quilt for my sister having her first boy :)

Working on projects around the house
And last but not least, trying to keep this guy entertained!  

(I'm sorry for the crappy pictures.  I don't know why some are okay and other's aren't and lets face it.  It's a miracle I even posted at all, let alone try and care about why the pics are bad.  If I ever figure it out, I'll switch them up.  Maybe.  More likely I will just do better in the future.)

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Ben and Dena said...

Uh... who is having a boy?!!?!?