Thursday, June 28, 2012

Maxwell Falls

Dudes, this is three days in a row.  Are you so proud?!

Cameron had the day off today, so we decided a last minute hike was in order!  While I showered and got ready, Cameron looked up hikes near Denver.  We REALLY wanted to do the Eldorado Canyon State Park but it's pretty near a fire right now and closed :(  So we went a different route and went to Maxwell Falls instead.  We had the option of a short in and out, 1 mile round trip or a 3 mile loop.  Seeing as it was KiKi's first hike and threatening weather impending our doom, we went with the shortie-but goody.  Here's a few pics of our day!  We all LOVED getting outside and hiking around, we have missed doing stuff like this!  We have several more hikes on our to do list for this summer!

Here we are!!  I'm pretty sure I let out an actual squeal, I was so excited to be out doing something fun!

SO beautiful up there (this is just outside Aspen Park up 285, for all you CO peeps)

Kai jumping down the trail.  He is an awesome hiker, just ask his Papa!

KiKi did great for her first hike, although she whined a bit having to go over rocks and tree roots.  But she was a trooper and said she had fun.

Thank goodness for directions :)

Climbing the 'huge' boulders :)

Kai needing his own picture!

Found the perfect shady spot to stop for lunch

Thanks for indulging a close up kiddo!

Hungry dad.

Our beautiful view at our lunch spot

Proof that I was there too :)

So, it's called Maxwell FALLS, right?  This is the closest we saw to a fall :)  I guess next time we go in May, during the run off!

I just wanted a cute picture of her so bad with the trees in the background.  Not so much.

My fave new pic...too bad dad was taking it and wasn't in it :(

We had a wonderful day, and came home just in time for everyone to take naps :)  Now THAT'S what I call a good day!

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